Rambles and pictures


This Saturday the 26th of March, from 2PM to 4PM at the Art Gallery of Ballarat ( in the McCain annexe ) will be the launch of Bronwyn Blaiklock’s poetry collection, Etching My Initials. My drawing ( from my most recent collection of drawings ) graces the front cover. So if you’re in or around Ballarat town, make the journey to the gallery for some poetry good times.

Other than that, I am still recovering from my large piece that I finished last week…


It’s next level and I really have to lift my game in regards to my practice. I think it is ok to have a few days off to do admin and everything else and maybe rest?

I’ve also been doing a lot of walking and wandering and thinking and exercising and cooking and reading and cuddling my kitty.




So it is school holidays now, so I won’t be traveling and getting models to sit for me for a few weeks. But I’ll be straight back into it after the holidays. Ohh, and I am going to bake some healthy hot cross buns for us.. Because it is very depressing to find out how much crap goes into packet food. I’ve gotten some fancy pants rye and spelt flour. Happy holidays to you!


Launch of New Drawings


The launch of my New Drawings and Darren McDonald’s Something Worth Fighting For at Scott Livesey Galleries last night was wonderful. Both exhibitions were opened by Scott Livesey and Dr Sarah Engledow, from the National Portrait Gallery. Sarah said that the three things women hate about their bodies are toes, bellies and body hair – which feature heavily in my works. She said she had never seen so many toes and that after looking at the works she began to look at her fellow humans with more sympathy. I was really touched by her words.

All photos are by Gene.








Thank you to everyone who came and spread the word about the exhibition. It is on until the 24th of February. All works are for sale.
Scott Livesey Galleries – 909A High Street, Armadale Melbourne

The drawing board


I am feeling pretty excited about the work I have showing, the work I have going and the work that is yet to come. I feel very inspired but also very determined and resolute.


I must book in models in the coming months so if you read this and are up for it – email me!


New Drawings – Exhibition


Dear readers,

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I have an exhibition opening next Thursday the 11th of February, 6 to 8PM at Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne.

I’m really proud of the work that I have made, and look forward to seeing it all together in the gallery.

The exhibition runs until the 24th of February – which covers two weekends so that should be handy for a lot of people!

Best to you,

Hair cut


4:30AM, train ride, dawn rise, coffee and blueberry danish, another coffee, hair cut, smells nice, old friend, yum cha – dumplings, art shop, book shop, tram ride, yellow shoes, train home, kidlet cuddle, roast vegetables, vacuuming, mopping, bathing the child, sweeping, kitten cuddles, two loads of laundry, singing goodnight song, washing dishes, baking banana bread, decided not to make bunting for gathering, drew a self portrait.

Good night.