Sketching in pencil

Still plugging away with some pencil sketches exploring ideas. I think they will be paintings. Some are soft beautiful moments while others are brutal and quite honestly come with the best titles.

Thank you to one of my very best friends for letting me capture this moment in her life.

Love is not

Love is not gifts, not flowers, not necklaces.

Love is not wanting to kill my favourite musician.

Love is not fancy worded poetry; look how sad I am, I lost her.

Love is not throwing in the bin the watercolour she did your cat.

Love is not berating me for hours and hours.

Love is not a trophy.

Love is not without care.

Love is not lies, not rumours, not bullying.

Love is not hurting my child.

Love is not dead eyes.

Love is not my having to look after you, all the goddamn time.

Love is not taking all of my time, never giving me a chance to draw, a chance to be me.

Love is not picking fights; my birthday, my mother’s operation, my study, my friend’s death.

Love is not linking your actions to the cruelty I saw inflicted on women by men. In searching for help I was told to ignore it, just go to sleep.

He’s having a bad time.

Love is not traumatizing.

Some sketches, a drawing

Hello March, when autumn should be here but we all know there will be hot and windy days ahead. February was quite the time. I’ve slowed down on the sketches because I have another large drawing on the go..

Can I tell you how wonderful it is to be free from study at the moment. Bliss. Brain clutter is clearing. I work and then when I have downtime and that is free time. Freeeeeee.

It was a dear friends birthday recently, I did a little drawing of their amazing boy – it is wonderful watching him come out of his shell.

I enjoy drawing peoples pets that I have spent time with, I have the chance to try and capture their personality too.

I might put together a zine and blog post of Cats I Have Known but not at the moment, I got freakin ferns to draw.