The enemy is in your bed


The enemy is in your bed – pencil sketch, A6, 2023.

I thought a light leaded pencil best for something which this title – subtle and heavy.

The title came to me a while ago, before I could work out how to make a drawing for it.

The medium and execution speak to vulnerability, the focus being the throat – one of the most vulnerable places of our body. (Prosody). This is a reflection on those being the closest to us can often be the worst for us; unsafe. I noticed this when I was young but didn’t yet have the words for. This is a both personal and universal experience.

Art for me is powerful – it moves with me through life, communicates, resonates, and gives me a voice when it has been taken away.



Spent the afternoon drawing the same tree.

Sometimes it is better to study short and sweet and then spend the day hatching and crosshatching onto paper.

These trees around me are amazing. There are many galahs, kookaburras, currawongs,sulphur crested  cocokatoos, corellas, crows, magpies and black yellow tailed cockatoos flying above. So much life. The morning and evening sunlight and the colour of the sky is always beautiful. This is what I get to look at when I’m just doing the daily bizzo.


Covid-19 times sketching


I am making myself scan in drawings from the sketchbooks to share here, I have been drawing like a proper drawing person at the moment – as in all the time. It’s so so good. Things have recently shifted and changed in my life and I have my art and it’s wonderful.

Part of the change is that I got a new job! It was a Friday afternoon send in my application by Monday morning I am scheduled for induction affair. Made all the more easy because I am qualified and have alllllll the paperwork at the ready. I aim to do a good job and learn lots of new skills. Uni still doesn’t go back for a little while so I best keep myself busy.

Rapid Antigen Test – RATs. The new gold.


Buffer for RATs. Also gold.


Vials for gold buffer to be place onto GOLD RATs. Gold facilitators.


Saliva test – less common gold.


Blurry – I accidently spilt my international roast coffee on this sketch.


It’s not a proper blog post without a sketch of hand sanitizer, so here’s the Angel. So antimicrobial.

Waiting area sketch after I got my booster. Passed the time quick.


The nurses here were INCREDIBLE.




I have more but I’m trying to group posts into relevant themes for your enjoyment.

Happy Saturday!

Sketchbooks sketchy sketch

Well hello. Again, it has been a long time. I’ve been trying to sort out life and getting into the rhythm of my ever changing routines. I left one job and have started a new one, it’s really fantastic to be working and studying – I am doing different things and learning so much. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed but don’t we all.

Art has been going well, a little different but I’ve had some very nice things occur for me this year. That is for another post as I wanted to make this one about – SKECTHING and saying hello.

It is very nice to be skecthing again. I thought I’d take on a big painting project this year but I couldn’t afford my studio space and my new home has no space for paint. See I like the toxic stuff so I am not doing it in the house. Why not use the non toxic stuff you say, because I think it’s shite and if there is one area of my life that I have control over – it is this. I lost the sketching knack for a bit there, had to endure months and months of producing rubbish. Now I feel good and am training my eye again. I hope the next body of drawings I do a way better than what has gone before. Which is important to me in my practice, which I know I have banged on about before.

SO lockdown five for us, I am still working as I am an essential worker these days. What a time hey. I am really trying to get as much experience as I can and do my best.

What I can manage now are the skecthes and they are helping rebuild my confidence. Yes I have lost a lot of that, wah wah but here’s to continuously  trying to claw myself out of the dark with pen and paper.







See you super soon and I hope you are eating plenty of veggies.