The enemy is in your bed


The enemy is in your bed – pencil sketch, A6, 2023.

I thought a light leaded pencil best for something which this title – subtle and heavy.

The title came to me a while ago, before I could work out how to make a drawing for it.

The medium and execution speak to vulnerability, the focus being the throat – one of the most vulnerable places of our body. (Prosody). This is a reflection on those being the closest to us can often be the worst for us; unsafe. I noticed this when I was young but didn’t yet have the words for. This is a both personal and universal experience.

Art for me is powerful – it moves with me through life, communicates, resonates, and gives me a voice when it has been taken away.


Art week

This week has mostly been about art. In the evening it is long writing sessions BUT it has mostly been art. Looking at art, talking about art, writing about art, teaching art, art art, making art. All of that.

Professional lewk.

Set up for evening drawing times.

Henry Moore sculture, I’ll draw the other one soon – the one I was going to do that drawing video on a couple of years back.

Pencil sketch of part of a sculpture.

Squiggles (how GOOD is that word) working through things.

Happy little kitty watercolour I found in one of my boxes full of art.

OK, back to writing.

Wednesday with flowers

I first did the eyes, nose and mouth as a simple self portrait and I posted it on this blog a couple of weeks back. The incompleted portrait bothered me, the line in there – no more time for that.

It’s my 4th decade on this planet and I have been meaning to do some kind of self portrait since January. Most of the ones I have tried just weren’t right, but this seems fitting.

Surrounding my face are some of the herbs and flowers in my garden. Garden = little patch of dirt out the back and the ‘porce garden’ which is all down the side of my place. I have recreated ‘porch garden’ from my old flat, which I miss.

Spring is coming and the cherry tomato plants are IN! I have camomile, lemon balm, basil mint, mint mint, lemon thyme, thyme thyme, oregano, DILL, parsley, sage, rosemary, chives, other things probably. It’s AMAZING. Unopened poppy heards are there and I am looking forward to seeing what colours they are, I have one purple cornflower – more are coming and bee bread. Yes, bee bread (Borage).

I have a lemon tree I keep forgetting about.

Anyway I went on a tangent I wasn’t intending too but that’s the nature of blog writing.

Tea and book time.

Sketching – tummy

A painting session is long overdue. But before that sketching and planning is what I can do inbetween the assignments and late nights and trips out to uni.

Spring seems to be coming which is a relief on many levels, the little shed I can use as a studio is cold and also the electricity situation in there is, well, not really anything – I need the light hours and a little warmth would do us all good.