Arting and a couple of art classes coming up.

Good day, it is beautiful and sunny here today.

I rearranged my lounge room recently to place my drawing board in a spot where I can get the most natural light. I completed one drawing and I am still struggling with another as I have been for years. It’s an interesting one, I can see the evolution of my drawing style changing. Which is part of the challenge because part of me doesn’t like seeing the old style but the other part of me is thinking this is important – FINISH IT.

Here is a cropped detail of the completed one:

I’ve been up to 2AM some nights sketching new ones. The landscapes have been the focus recently as they are safer for me now, on multiple levels. They are an escape. I think I am a bit cautious of human content however I am still collecting material because it is an important part of my practice.


I am running two drawing workshops at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Saturday the 20th of Jan and Saturday the 3rd of Feb. You can book here: LINK

If you have been to one of my classes before I still set exercises for everyone to do but I will come around individually and give you guidance on what you want to focus on.


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