The drawing board


I am feeling pretty excited about the work I have showing, the work I have going and the work that is yet to come. I feel very inspired but also very determined and resolute.


I must book in models in the coming months so if you read this and are up for it – email me!


New Drawings – Exhibition


Dear readers,

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I have an exhibition opening next Thursday the 11th of February, 6 to 8PM at Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne.

I’m really proud of the work that I have made, and look forward to seeing it all together in the gallery.

The exhibition runs until the 24th of February – which covers two weekends so that should be handy for a lot of people!

Best to you,

Hair cut


4:30AM, train ride, dawn rise, coffee and blueberry danish, another coffee, hair cut, smells nice, old friend, yum cha – dumplings, art shop, book shop, tram ride, yellow shoes, train home, kidlet cuddle, roast vegetables, vacuuming, mopping, bathing the child, sweeping, kitten cuddles, two loads of laundry, singing goodnight song, washing dishes, baking banana bread, decided not to make bunting for gathering, drew a self portrait.

Good night.

Friday Evening – Domestic Scenes

Ink on Khadi handmade paper
By Lily Mae Martin

Statement about the work:

When my daughter was born I began to draw mostly interiors as I was at home more. I didn’t think much about the act at the time, as when you have babies and small children you have to live in the moment – there is every little time for reflection! But now that years have past I have come to see that these small sketches and drawings the spaces and things around us was a way of documenting our lives, like a journal only in pictures. It captures the everyday objects that surrounds us and shapes our days, but is also a window into the emotions I was feeling at the time.
I draw with pen and paper as this is very accessible to me, and also my daughter can use them to. I am inspired by etching techniques and replicate this within my drawings.

Monday evenin


I got upset today because I tried to have some ‘me’ time and I went to an art gallery and then I tried to do some sketching and it sucked. After a third failed attempt of drawing an Arkley I concluded that I should let Arkley do Arkley and I’ll do me. My lines are more.. organic. I guess. Anyway, not a comparison thing I just thought what the heck am I doing and then I began reflecting on my Art Life and freaking out and got out of there and it was overcast but I got really sunburnt anyway.

Anyway I was going to pack for tomorrow this evening and I didn’t end up doing it because I was doing one of my organic line drawings. Got to go back to the hospital tomorrow and the cat is attacking my boobs so I think I’ll go and sleep.



Pain relief is an interesting one. Watching G go through some incredible pain it reminds me how little we know of how to treat pain – that we can only really treat it superficially.

It’s not a lot of fun – I wish I could take some of it away from him.

The’ve drilled down through the bone in his ring finger in an attempt to reattach it. The cut went clean through the bone but too close to the knuckle, so it is most likely he won’t regain use of it. There’s also the risk that it will just cause him pain for the rest of his days and in that case, it will have to be removed. The middle finger was sewn up. So, I can see why he is in so much pain. He’s on some pretty strong pain killers – but they didn’t seam to really work yesterday and last night. We go back to the hospital tomorrow to see how the healing is going and hopefully he won’t need these hardcore painkillers too much longer – they are truly knocking him about.

All of this reminded me of a favourite TED talk of mine, so I thought I would share that today too – enjoy.
Latif Nasser: The amazing story of the man who gave us modern pain relief