Friday Evening – Domestic Scenes

Ink on Khadi handmade paper
By Lily Mae Martin

Statement about the work:

When my daughter was born I began to draw mostly interiors as I was at home more. I didn’t think much about the act at the time, as when you have babies and small children you have to live in the moment – there is every little time for reflection! But now that years have past I have come to see that these small sketches and drawings the spaces and things around us was a way of documenting our lives, like a journal only in pictures. It captures the everyday objects that surrounds us and shapes our days, but is also a window into the emotions I was feeling at the time.
I draw with pen and paper as this is very accessible to me, and also my daughter can use them to. I am inspired by etching techniques and replicate this within my drawings.

Monday evenin


I got upset today because I tried to have some ‘me’ time and I went to an art gallery and then I tried to do some sketching and it sucked. After a third failed attempt of drawing an Arkley I concluded that I should let Arkley do Arkley and I’ll do me. My lines are more.. organic. I guess. Anyway, not a comparison thing I just thought what the heck am I doing and then I began reflecting on my Art Life and freaking out and got out of there and it was overcast but I got really sunburnt anyway.

Anyway I was going to pack for tomorrow this evening and I didn’t end up doing it because I was doing one of my organic line drawings. Got to go back to the hospital tomorrow and the cat is attacking my boobs so I think I’ll go and sleep.