Monday evenin


I got upset today because I tried to have some ‘me’ time and I went to an art gallery and then I tried to do some sketching and it sucked. After a third failed attempt of drawing an Arkley I concluded that I should let Arkley do Arkley and I’ll do me. My lines are more.. organic. I guess. Anyway, not a comparison thing I just thought what the heck am I doing and then I began reflecting on my Art Life and freaking out and got out of there and it was overcast but I got really sunburnt anyway.

Anyway I was going to pack for tomorrow this evening and I didn’t end up doing it because I was doing one of my organic line drawings. Got to go back to the hospital tomorrow and the cat is attacking my boobs so I think I’ll go and sleep.

One thought on “Monday evenin

  1. When I met your eye the other day in the supermarket, my immediate thought was to approach you to say thank you. Thank you for your contribution to our odd little town, thank you for your beautiful work, and thank you for inspiring me to lead a more creative, introspective and refined life. I didn’t, of course, because I’m not bold enough though, of course, I regretted it as soon as the moment had passed. However, maybe that was fortunate, given your post above. Maybe now is a better time to suggest that a contribution to Art Life is made in a myriad of ways, not just through lines on paper (organic or otherwise). And your contribution is a huge one.

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