June drawing times

Well I’ve gotten past my little hissy fit and now back into the making of things. Being too much in my head and not just going with the hands isn’t good for The Practice.

So planning my days and things that need to get done and drawing for many. many hours is my life again. It’s good to be driven, have purpose and enjoy what the process.
Kidlet has been joining me for some drawing sessions too, there is nothing sweeter. So I did get a bit distracted from my Big Drawing to do a Small Drawing of her drawing. ūüėõ

There’s a bunny in my studio, drawing a cookie-moon

And I’ll finish up with a self portrait – have a good weekend

Self portrait and house plant sketches

Remember Me

( Title of post from websites having the Remember Me option. )


The Period is coming. I’ve felt it turning in my guts over the last few days, dragging down my lower back. But I refuse to sit and take stock, I just want to draw, draw, draw. Sunday morning I got up early ( I am not a morning person ) to pack and clean the beach house and just get home. Once home and hangrily making and thus devouring a cheese and pickle toastie ( these details are important ) I marched straight up into my studio and got back to working on the above piece.
I am working between the figurative and the landscape, not sure if I’ll fuse them together or just create two separate bodies of works ( I mean, why not ) and so far I plan to get two more figurative pieces and two more landscapes done before the year is out. ( The landscapes take me months to do… months.. all those lines )

I’m so inspired and proud that my work has gotten into some fine prizes this year, off the back of my first solo show with Scott Livesey Galleries. It has been a productive and rewarding year and we are only just half way through. I’m working super hard and I am just going to keep on going.

I love drawing.

Exhibition! Drawing!

2014 ex

TWENTY FOURTEEN is on view from tomorrow the 23rd of August until the 26th of September. This exhibition is a showcase of all the artists represented by Scott Livesey Galleries – here is a link to a catalogue of the works that will be in this exhibition, which was also handed out at the Melbourne Art Fair last week. LINK. It is such a beautiful catalogue! I have my woman on bed drawing in this exhibition, with a wonderful quote from Rachel Power on my work in the catalogue.




Working, thinking

I feel like I have been drawing this drawing forever. Which is utter nonsense because I only started it last week .. perhaps the week before.

But I’m at that point where even though I work and things get drawn and it’s evolving – I feel like it isn’t going anywhere.

Perhaps this is the danger of focusing all of my time on just one artwork. Maybe this is why I ( usually ) work on many artworks at once. Because if there is just one work then I think about that work. I think about it while I’m working on it, I think about it when I am packing up from working on it, I think about it at dinner time, I think about it while I’m showering, spending time with loved ones, changing a nappy. I think about it on trains and in caf√©s and I think about it while I am trying to sleep. Which is the worst because with no other outside influence I think about it in a hyper-realistic state. I note the textures, the way the ink takes hold of the paper, the layers – I feel myself drawing it.

So then I am doing all of this thinking and feeling and it’s taken up so much of me it almost feels like it is going to¬†implode. There’s too much and when there’s so much information and feelings it’s almost like I’ve experienced this artwork completely and then I think, well, I don’t have to finish it. Because I’m kind of lost to it and what’s the point anyway.

So this is the point I photograph and upload it onto this blog to say look, I’m making things and something is happening – even if my tired brain, eyes and hands tell me otherwise.