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The Period is coming. I’ve felt it turning in my guts over the last few days, dragging down my lower back. But I refuse to sit and take stock, I just want to draw, draw, draw. Sunday morning I got up early ( I am not a morning person ) to pack and clean the beach house and just get home. Once home and hangrily making and thus devouring a cheese and pickle toastie ( these details are important ) I marched straight up into my studio and got back to working on the above piece.
I am working between the figurative and the landscape, not sure if I’ll fuse them together or just create two separate bodies of works ( I mean, why not ) and so far I plan to get two more figurative pieces and two more landscapes done before the year is out. ( The landscapes take me months to do… months.. all those lines )

I’m so inspired and proud that my work has gotten into some fine prizes this year, off the back of my first solo show with Scott Livesey Galleries. It has been a productive and rewarding year and we are only just half way through. I’m working super hard and I am just going to keep on going.

I love drawing.

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