June drawing times

Well I’ve gotten past my little hissy fit and now back into the making of things. Being too much in my head and not just going with the hands isn’t good for The Practice.

So planning my days and things that need to get done and drawing for many. many hours is my life again. It’s good to be driven, have purpose and enjoy what the process.
Kidlet has been joining me for some drawing sessions too, there is nothing sweeter. So I did get a bit distracted from my Big Drawing to do a Small Drawing of her drawing. 😛

There’s a bunny in my studio, drawing a cookie-moon

And I’ll finish up with a self portrait – have a good weekend

Self portrait and house plant sketches

Working From Home

Perspective is a great thing – when I came back I was sitting in my studio with my Kidlet laughing and drawing a poo and Kitty getting beneath the drawing board, clawing at me and I felt really, really happy. It’s a tad distracting, sure – but I’d rather this distraction. Maybe I can’t have true solitude to make work, ever. And I just got to suck it up and work ’round it, like I have done for years. I do crave travel and exploration, and maybe that’s a craving I just have to sit with. I am working on things to try and make things happen though, however I think it is wise to make things work the way they are rather than hang all my hopes on the nebulous. It is a great thing to be ambitious, but it is also a great thing to be practical.
I’ve also got to make some pretty solid decisions about my life – I feel a strong draw to go both ways with my career but I can’t do that. I can’t do all the things I want to do, this life is so flippin’ short.
Anyway, enough about my thoughts – it is Friday and I get a few hours to myself to tackle the rather large rainforest drawing that I almost abandoned due to heart ache. It’s nearly there, but boy is it challenging my technique.