Cheese and pickle toasties

Finished a figurative piece this week ( will share later ) and have three more on the board sketched up and ready to go.. I took a break from this one to do two figurative ones and then tried to work on it again and see why I left it for a bit. It. Is. So. So. Very. Hard…


I got so frustrated I had to stop for the day, so I ate a cheese and pickle toastie in the bath and read about murder until the water went cold. I felt like shit, I expect so much, being able to switch from one style or subject matter to the next. But I know, I know it ain’t like that. So I’ll have to have some hard days a the board being like I am shit why am I doing this I can’t draw but drawing all the same until it just clicks and I’ll be like this is the best in the world, how do I ever find this hard, f**k I’m proud of myself .

That’s what I’ll be like. Maybe next week.

But cheese and pickle toasties – I highly recommend.

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