Touchy Subject

My housemate named this drawing – we talk a lot about feminism and female sexuality.

I think it is pretty obvious what this drawing about – masturbation.



Paris is so so big and so so beautiful and so so overwhelming.

Gene and I made the ridiculous decision to catch the train from Berlin to Paris in the heat – we arrived sleep deprived and sticky.








Paris gets very hot1. We didn’t have the right clothes for the heat – I’m pretty sure we sweated out a few kilos! The food was amazing, the buildings were beautiful.

I’m a lucky duck.

Mêlée Exhibition by Lily Mae Martin

The Arter Gallery
Opening hours Wednesday and Thursday 19 hour to 23 hour
Fridays 14 hour to 21 hour
Address: Hagenstraße 56
10365 Berlin

In July 2009 Australian Artist Lily Mae Martin will be showing her first European exhibition ‘Mêlée’ in Berlin, Germany. Lily’s work draws on her recent journeys throughout Europe; from post-war Berlin to the hyper-sensitivity of security and terrorism in London. Lily portrays her subjects as confused, chaotic and frantically searching to grasp some form of control and stability within their world through her drawings and paintings.

Mêlée Trailer with musik. from Lily Mae Martin on Vimeo.