Mounting drawings, wanderings

This morning we have spent counting out and measuring all the little sketches & drawings I have done for Berlin Domestic. There’s 56 that have made the final cut and my lord the maths are doing my head in.. Thank goodness Gene is helping me!

It’s hailing/raining/snowing outside so it’s good to have an indoor project, I guess.

Anyway last night I got my bike out of the basement and rode to my friend Christian’s studio so we could have a drink and draw session. I also met Dominik Heilig, who does Kazka the comic- LINK which is really cool. We talked about doing a bigger drawing session, when the weather is better 🙂

Strolling in the rain today I took a photo of the book stack which topped off nicely with a type writer (like a cherry on top only cooler?), I always walk past this and have never taken a photo of it. The things I take for granted!

Anyway, back to the measuring and cutting
and eating of chocolate.

Photo diary – Berlin

I have really neglected taking photographs and sharing them of late so I picked up my (Gene’s) new camera and snapped a few things that have made me really happy lately.

My Mother stayed with me recently and gave me a few extra pennies to go and get some clothes for myself. There is a shop I like on my old street- Manteuffel Str- called Leche and I really like some of their pieces:

I opened up my brown paper bag to find this little bracelet:

In one of my favourite second hand book stores on Dieffenbachstr, I came across this beautiful copy of Virginia Woolf’s biography by Quentin Bell. I wont be able to read this one in the bath but I think it is just beautiful- I will treasure this.

Spring is springing and slowly Berlin is turning green all over- blossoms and tulips budding too- makes me appreciate the ambiance plant life can bring to such a big city.


Exhibition details- solo & group

I got back to work yesterday, my solo exhibition dates have been confirmed- May the 5th is the opening- so I need to get the last few paintings finished and then worry about things like mounting, framing, displaying options- oh and a flyer!

It will be held at the NEONCHOCOLATE gallery here in Berlin.

Oh how I’ve missed painting!

I’ve been finishing off my piece for the upcoming “Taboo”: Beinart Surrealist Collective group show ( July 7th – August 11th, 2012 ) at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. The title of my piece is ‘Release’:




The sky is brilliant this evening- it’s dusk and I am in the hospital looking out over this side of Berlin- it’s cold but brighter. The clouds are in two layers; the layer closest to us is a patchwork of fluffy cotton-balls, while the other layer is patterned like a fishbone and wraps this side of the earth as a blanket. The wind is howling, howling
and I am happy – I get to go home tomorrow.

Art & about, new paintings

This week has been a busy one. I seem to fit a lot in but also feel that it’s over before I know it.
Slow down time!

I went to The Cheese Mountain Tragedy last week. I’ve been meaning to visit it for some time but when you’re pushing a pram and sleep deprived these sorts of things seem like epic journeys rather than a casual visits and effortless chit chat. But I managed to casually visit, I managed to chit chat. I met Johan Potma and his lovely little black dog, we
got to look at his studio and he let me take a picture for my blog (Thanks!)

I also got to meet Josh Bauman and talk about graphic novels and printing. If you’re in Berlin you should visit this space it’s a really great set up- these guys are living the dream!!

I finished a couple of paintings but haven’t had time to photograph them except for this one:
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm

I’m very proud of this one especially with the skin texture on her neck and shoulders. Ella- the model- is an amazingly creative woman who I have known since high school. I asked if I could paint her and she sent me some lovely but tiny
reference material.

Friday night was the opening of the group exhibition I was in at Strychnin Gallery, Herzensbrecher. I got to meet Yasha Young (who had a killer pair of heels on) and Paul Bishop from the New English, he and I talked about our children for some time.

There are more photos (including a shot of my mug) on the Strychnin blog: Here


Dear Art, I love you

Dear Art,

I love you.

No matter where I have been in my life, there you are. You adapt so easily to whatever this crazy life of mine throws at me; from being in silly relationships, to art school where I felt intellectually inferior. From paper, to canvas and linen. From charcoal to watercolor, ink, cheap and nasty acrylic to sexy expensive I’m-not-going-to-eat-for-a-fortnight oil paints.

From words to drawings to paintings.

I love you with all of my heart, I thank you deeply for having patience
with me; when I get caught up in culture vulture scenes, worrying about trends and fretting about if I will ‘ever make it’.

You cross all boarders and give a voice to those who are voiceless.

You are an all mighty force that will never be stopped.

You’re super fucking cool.

Forever yours,