Of late

I unpacked a whole lot of vintage cameras and pieces last week. Some of them still work and I really want to use them, but alas – I have not the time! For now, I will just slowly clean them.

My precious.

I drew at my old haunt, A Minor Place, last week. It was super nice to be there. It’s an amazing thing to be retracing my steps.

I am working on a few pieces but will talk about them in future posts.

And finally, I found this painting which I started and destroyed a long time ago:



Until soon,

Lily Mae

Talking, drawing.

This is me after my talk at Squishface Studio in Brunswick last week. It went really well! Public speaking does improve the more you do it.

I got a chance to talk to Sarah Howell in person and had a nice chat to Jo and Pat also. I’d like to go back when I am not so focused on not fucking up a talk and see the space and them in action!

Thanks for having me.

And then Friday night happened and I drew some drawings..

Natasha Bieniek, Becc Orszag & Joshua Yeldham

Last week I had the pleasure of attending two gallery openings, the first was Natasha Bieniek’s at the Dianne Tanzer Gallery. Which is a great space and the exhibition was fantastic. I have heard about Bieniek’s work as she has received a few awards recently. I think seeing her work in person has really made me appreciate her skill, her eye, her hand and her palate.

There is also an exhibition of Becc Orszag’s drawings in the back room and I recommend that also. It’s really nice to see drawing and painting coming back here in Melbourne town.

These woman are genius.

I also attended the opening of Joshua Yeldman’s “The Tongue Has No Bone” – awesome title – at the Scott Livesey Galleries. This gallery is also a fantastic space and the works were rich in texture, colour, subject. Richard Roxburgh opened the exhibition with a really warm speech and after the artist talked we all felt part of something pretty special.

If you’re in Melbourne both these exhibitions run until November the 17th.


She Hangs Brightly by Natasha Bieniek.

October Ladies Drawing Auxiliary

Tomorrow night at 7PM I will be speaking at Squishface studio in Brunswick as part of their   Ladies Drawing Auxiliary series. ( I think there is someone else speaking but not too sure who! )

Here’s the facebook event, directions and links : EVENT!

I’ve been faffing about in powerpoint for the last week and am very much looking forward to presenting my work back in good old Melbourne town!



An addiction to hands & feet

So, I moved AGAIN.

My other half has gone to Sydney to work and I’ve been overwhelmed trying to work out time to work, looking after my awesome two year old full time, trying to catch up with friends and family, trying to remember how to get around Melbourne. I think it’s going OK.

I’m making steps to begin a series of portraits of people’s hands and feet. I am trying to work out how to get the models.. I hope they will come to me..

.. if you build it, they will come.

Drawings from Berlin

I cried in the café – the women working there gave me some chocolate.


I wanted to write ‘easy peasy’ but couldn’t fit it all in. This is a drawing I did on a recent flight to London – by myself. I felt luxurious.

I read ‘ What Mothers Do Especially When It Looks Like Nothing’ by Naomi Stadlen – it was within these pages that I found the words about many of my experiences and thoughts about motherhood – but also about depression.

Loosing a sense of future is something that I think all people who have suffered with depression would understand.

Driving myself a little bit crazy in cafés.

 The Prinzessinnengarten, where we spent the summer of 2011.

I have done a crazy amount of drawings for my project – Berlin Domestic – a project that keeps changing shape. I felt like deleting it all last week but I can be pretty extreme in that way. I just have to learn to just take a break from the world wide web every so often.

New painting Camille and some progress photos

‘That awkward moment before the eyebrows go on’- I believe is what I tweeted about this image of the painting.

I really enjoyed how intense her expression is.

I didn’t want to do a grey background like I have on many of my other paintings. So I thought I’d try out green as it is meant to compliment brown. I don’t know what I was thinking! This green made me think of hospitals, veterinary clinics and disinfectant – totally not what I was trying to inspire in the viewer.

Fixing it up! The good think about oil paintings is they are more forgiving when you make a blooper like I did. Just takes a lot of time – waiting for the green to dry before I could paint over it.

There she is – I think she’s pretty fantastic.

Thanks to Camille for posing for me!