eviered_lilymaemartinAround two years ago, I went to Dr Sketchy’s in Berlin and tonight I went to one in Melbourne! It was lots of fun, people were really nice and excited to be there.

eviered_lilymaemartin_twoEvie Red was an absolute pro – she took on some difficult poses and her performance was a lot of fun.

eviered_lilymaemartin_threeI wasn’t prepared to show works to win a prize by the end -but I did and I won a very cheeky book 😉

This was so much fun, I look forward to doing it again!



Hello all!


I am very pleased to announce that my painting, 33 weeks, has been shortlisted for the Benalla Nude 2014 award. The award is to the value $50,000 (non-acquisitive) !!!

Benalla Nude is an award for a work depicting a naked human figure as subject matter.

I am really excited and honoured and cannot wait to see the exhibition! The winner will be announced April 10th and the exhibition runs from April 11th to July 13th.

Thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted and texted me that I should enter.


New painting

I just finished a new painting – 33 weeks. This painting is oil on board, I did it very differently to how I have previously painted and enjoyed it immensely.

I’ve posted some of the developmental sketches and the beginnings of this painting: here.

What is different about this is it is from life and from memory. I did a sitting with the model and developed most of this painting with the sketches and my memory from that sitting. I took some photos for a buffer – but I in no way relied on the photographs like I have in previous works.