New works in progress

I have set up a new space. It’s bright with natural light, completely the opposite of the painting cave I had in Berlin – though the cave did serve me well! I do have to paint in a sunhat though, the Australian sun is so strong and I sit underneath a skylight.

I’m working towards my exhibition mid year. We will be exhibiting a collection of drawings and paintings – I’ve made a lot of work that has never been exhibited in Australia so we will be choosing from them as well as some newer works.

I’m focusing more of hands and feet at the moment, as well as improving my drawing and painting techniques. Which means the work is more intense but I’m feeling pretty excited about what I’ve been making.

I’ll be working on a few portraits we well, but I’ve been working – collecting and sketching – for these hands and feet for so long I just HAD to start with them.

It’s good to be making works again.

Lily Mae


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