Me, myself – new drawing

My new drawing – drawn in pen – is a self portrait.

I have been feeling extremely frustrated with my negative self image so I thought it would be somewhat cathartic to make art about it.

East Side Gallery just before restoration- 2009

Not far from me is the East side gallery.

“The Berlin Wall East Side Gallery is a 1.3km-long section of the wall near the center of Berlin. Approximately 106 paintings by artists from all over the world cover this memorial for freedom and make it the largest open air gallery in the world.”
It is currently in very poor condition, the remaining of the wall itself is crumbling away too. There is interest in repairing the remainder of the wall and the artwork, more about that here.




esg4n wall



Painting again!


I have been painting again.

I bought myself a table easel from a store that was suggested to me by my friend Leo Plaw. – Boesner’s – a supermarket of artists supplies. I was going to wait to see if I could find an easel at the market on Sunday but I got impatient, I needed to paint.

So I have three paintings on the go at the moment – being here is very inspiring.

Apart from the occasional sulks about missing friends, I am having a good time getting some work done and getting some perspective in life. I really enjoy what I do and I really enjoy being out of uni!

I think I love you Berlin.

Photos from the UK

Here are a few pictures I took from our visit to the UK.

Deptford, London:




Inside the Salisbury Cathedral:


Outside the Salisbury Cathedral:


I really wanted to go to the Stonehenge and Gene came though he insisted that they were just a pile of old rocks. Which they are, but we went and it was wonderful.




To get to these places we took a bus tour – I do not recommend them. While it was great to see these places we were only allocated 20 minutes to each place. The worst part was the tour guide who spoke through very loud speakers that were above each seat. It drove me crazy so I listened to AC/DC very loudly to drown her out.

London visit & Nom Kinnear King’s exhibition opening!

We went to London last week to see my friend Nom Kinnear King’s solo exhibition. Gene and I helped Nom put her show up, so we were the lucky ones that got to see the work before everyone else did..




Nom’s work is pretty magical and she’s a prolific artist. While some of her works are gentle, others can be quiet dark.

I think I love most about it is not one piece ever seems to be a direct translation or representation of anything – they are all a sum of different things. The past, present, future, auto biographical and biographical, fiction and non – fiction, dreams and nightmares. Each work has many layers.

Her website is here: Nom Kinnear King