Violence & oranges

Today I was going to take my baby girl to the beach, but the rain got heavier.. So I went to St Kilda, to find no parking, so I then went to Northcote. Sitting in a yum yum yummy café, I came across this weeks Inpress where there is a write up about one of my latest drawings, “Violence”.

Here is a link to the article online: The Menstruum

Cheers to Robert for the words!

Melbourne, you old dog you

So I’m back in Melbourne, first time in two years and it is weird, weird, weird!

I’m noticing more things about this town, but I think travel does that.

I’m enjoying the coffee so much, I use any excuse to get into the city and go to my favorite coffee place -Jungle Juice, I want to capture your lovely, beardy baristas.



Poetry reading

Last night was brilliant, I have been meaning to go to poetry readings for a very long time – I finally did and it was fantastic.

Everyone was so passionate – I haven’t had fun like that in such a long time and it was so nice to meet so many lovely people.
I did a reading too and I have to admit – I contemplate just grabbing my bag and coat and just running – but I didn’t!