3 thoughts on “Progress photos of recent drawing

  1. amelia on said:

    I love this piece, perhaps because it is a little, (well a lot) less confronting then some of the more recent figures but also because the grace of this figure reminded me of a martial arts practitioner. It is gracefull, strong and makes me think of some strange warrior mother swooping in on her young. And, A WEEK… wowsers. As an artist and a mum I’m often left with a slightly haunting feeling as i look at your achievements and can’t help but think….how the fuck does she do it. You, my dear, must have a belly of iron and the determination of, i dunno, a ballerina.
    On a completely different note have you seen the film le vie en rose about edith piaf? it is the least disapointing film i have seen in ages. Complex and mildly unnerving.

    • Hi Amelia, thank you for your thoughts!
      I did see the film about Edith Piaf.. So sad. Such an amazing voice. I did enjoy it. I’m not sure film and I sit too well together.. and the kind of films I do enjoy, I think a lot of ‘film buffs’ turn their nose up at me, bah!
      It is lees confronting than the others I have recently made..I didn’t think of that!

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