Sunday – there was sun and I planted more things. I made banana bread at Kidlet’s request, I’ve not baked with this oven before so I hope it turned out ok. The house smells delicious at least.

I have a few busy months ahead of me, it’s a little overwhelming to look at from here but I just have to break it up into smaller tasks day by day. Always easier said than done but I’ll give it a crack.

The above image is a corner of a drawing I have nearly finished, it is of the Otways – a very special place. I have another drawing sitting next to it, half complete, Mt Cole. I abandoned it in 2018, I found it when I finally moved out all my stuff from my old studio. Silly me, I think it’s worth finishing.

Anyway, time to go read up on some pathophysiology and get into the next week. Well, after I make popcorn.

Blessings good beings x



How is it August

Hello – August – so windy last night, no one could sleep. The magpie nest is still up in the tree, I watch them building it from my porch some mornings. I’m glad it is there.

Back ay uni, semester two, we kind of went back weeks earlier. A lot of study to do, I am enjoying it a lot. I’m better set up now in my own place. I have no boyfriend which is absolutely excellent, my last couple of experiences have been awful.

The drawing has just been coming out, I do it almost all the time again. They’re not all good but who cares. I am filling up books and have a number of works on the go. It’s like it has all been building up and stuck inside of me and now it’s opening up and coming out.


A couple of people who have floating into my life seem to have taken up drawing, which warms my heart.

“Most people when they become adults stop drawing – but you didn’t”

There are many more but these are the better skecthes and I have to go now and study later. Three papers to write, I promised myself I’d do better this term.

Above is my study buddy – who sits on top of my work and watches the laptop..


July !

What a time it has been.

It is semester break and I have been at my drawing board working away at a large drawing which I have not done in years now. It feels good.

Though we have been sent uni work to do in our break, haha.

I have taken a break from employment for now, a big risk but I need to focus on study, I did have some pretty bad times with it this semester and not sure where I stand. Just a lot of disruption, a lot of hurt – but a lot of support and kindness from neighbours and friends and mumma.

Oh I have been gardening too, I have baby turnips, silverbeet, all the herbs, beans, cornflowers, marigolds, poppies, heaps of different daffs growing. My porch gets the northern sun and it’s glorious.

Anyway enough for now. Time to take my awesome kid to see a silly movie 🙂




It’s here

It’s come for my daughter, rough night last night but today the sun is streaming through our windows and she’s up with her lego and a normal temp.

We are tired but day two is going ok so far.


Can opener


I just finished up my job at the hospital, I have to focus on study and my art. Life has just been huge. I’ve never had my own place before and it is my safe space so of course there’s a lot of grief to wade through, for so many things. Then on a more practical level there’s also the constant discovering of the things I do not have – like a can opener and of course this is only truly realized when I NEED IT.

I’m getting there.

Today was a rough day but I walked through the cemetry and watched the birds. Sulphur crested cockatoos, you lovely screaming jerks. Yesterday I was near there also and it was pretty glorious, I helping a friend with a log and then we had too much coffee in the late afternoon.

Today I can’t do anything. I have an assignment that is close to being finished but I have lost a lot of confidence with everything lately, I feel like I can’t do it.

Anyway I cannot concerntrate, I can’t draw or write (academically) so I thought I’d have a look through my sketchbooks. It’s significant to me how much I have turned back to my sketching these last few hard years, similar to when I was so very lost in Berlin. (My project Berlin Domestic, which I still believe saved my life as well as the doctor who gave me a jar of vegemite saying  – “You Australians, you are the only people who eat this”). I look at these drawings and I recall the feelings, the places, the people and their smiles, people in their last weeks, days and moments of their lives and then what the place feels like without them.

Different but the same.


I really love working in hospitals and look forward to being back there again one day.

Then there are other memories, which are just that, memories.

Now there’s more but I’ll save that for another time. I’ll keep wading and hopefully the hurt will pass soon, it always does.

Time to continue writing and look if I fail I’ll bloody do it all again.



Sunday egg day Sunday

I’ve had a very nice Easter break – finished an essay, did another assessment at uni, hung out with my neighbour who made us potatoes and tea over a fire. I’ve put my new place together a bit more, had nice times with my kidlet and her dad. Kiddo and I also got books and ate too much chocolate. Tried to draw and paint, to little success but at least I have the mental and physical space for that now. I am very grateful for that.

Anyway Neighbour wanted to know what I was working on other than the things I draw on my breaks at the hospital.. and when I was going through my sketchbook today I found my answer for him:


Luna Latte

Still here.

It’s been a wild month and I have been in overdrive for the entirety of it. I am exhausted but still have plenty to do, I am trying to balance some rest in amongst it all.

But I promised myself after I finished an essay and handed it in I’d do a drawing! So here we are with little Luna Latte snuggled up in her new bed my neighbour gave her as a housewarming gift.

I’m just about to jump into work for a bit and also get my drawing desk into my new apartment this weekend. That is very exciting because I miss it. And two essays.. You know academic writing is it’s own beast and I am not that skilled at it but hey, I’m giving it a good crack.

Happy Thursday!