How is it August

Hello – August – so windy last night, no one could sleep. The magpie nest is still up in the tree, I watch them building it from my porch some mornings. I’m glad it is there.

Back ay uni, semester two, we kind of went back weeks earlier. A lot of study to do, I am enjoying it a lot. I’m better set up now in my own place. I have no boyfriend which is absolutely excellent, my last couple of experiences have been awful.

The drawing has just been coming out, I do it almost all the time again. They’re not all good but who cares. I am filling up books and have a number of works on the go. It’s like it has all been building up and stuck inside of me and now it’s opening up and coming out.


A couple of people who have floating into my life seem to have taken up drawing, which warms my heart.

“Most people when they become adults stop drawing – but you didn’t”

There are many more but these are the better skecthes and I have to go now and study later. Three papers to write, I promised myself I’d do better this term.

Above is my study buddy – who sits on top of my work and watches the laptop..


2 thoughts on “How is it August

  1. Gayle Christine De Angelis on said:

    I’m so happy you are pouring with drawing Lily. I agree, no boyfriend, lotsa art! i wish you all the best with your studies and placement. Your beautiful nature and compassion are exactly what your profession needs.

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