July !

What a time it has been.

It is semester break and I have been at my drawing board working away at a large drawing which I have not done in years now. It feels good.

Though we have been sent uni work to do in our break, haha.

I have taken a break from employment for now, a big risk but I need to focus on study, I did have some pretty bad times with it this semester and not sure where I stand. Just a lot of disruption, a lot of hurt – but a lot of support and kindness from neighbours and friends and mumma.

Oh I have been gardening too, I have baby turnips, silverbeet, all the herbs, beans, cornflowers, marigolds, poppies, heaps of different daffs growing. My porch gets the northern sun and it’s glorious.

Anyway enough for now. Time to take my awesome kid to see a silly movie 🙂




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