fever dreams

Oh wow, sickness is horrid. The other night I couldn’t stand/ sit upright, I was freezing but hot, drenched in sweat (delicious) and I thought I saw someone in my room and cried out.


I’m much better than that at the moment, phew. The kindness of my friends and neighbours is big – thank you.

Back to feeling shit!


I finished exams last week and then went away for a few days for the first time ever since mid 2019! It was wonderful to not have reception and to be out in nature with the kids, trees, roos. I am mentally exhausted and the fresh air and exercise was very much needed, I am happier for it.

I am glad I took along my sketchbook –




We said goodbye to our friend Matt recently. Though he passed over a year ago now no one got to say goodbye properly due to lockdowns. He was surrounded by his friends, of which he had many, because he is Matt.



Here I am on a confusing Friday evening. Confusing because the sun was so hot today but it’s also been cold. Confusing because I have been indoors studying and working away at assignments with many frustrating technology issues and the like. Confusing because I am so tired but somehow I have to keep going. Confusing because I have eaten very badly over the last few months.

You get the idea.

My two exhbitions close this weekend, I am very happy with how they went and the feedback and support. Thank you everyone.

Exam time is on. Then I have a couple of months off to focus on unpacking (I know, I moved in March 😛 ) and making more paintings.

I am still sketching when I need a break from study so I thought I’d say hello here and share one from my new sketchbook:


Thank you

Thank you to everyone for the feedback on some recent happenings. Radio National, two exhibitions,  making the top 100 artists list :O

These are dreams come true and I am grateful.

This year has been a big one in many ways for me – the best year in a long time even though it started off hard. I feel like I am truly me.

Thank you to my dear friends for your support and soups and encouragement, my neighbours for checking in and taking my bins in for me! Thank you Scott Livesey Galleries for showing my recent paintings. Thank you to the incredible women who model for my work. I am wildly lucky.

Scott Livesey and I 🙂


K now, better get back to my two essays and three exams and more paintings and I should definitely finish that Otways drawing 😛


Veneration – an exhibition of small paintings

Dear good beings

I have a exhibition of new works opening this week at Scott Livesey galleries – 5th of October until the 22nd of October. It is a series of small paintings on aluminium, the title is Veneration.
This body of work took a long time to take its shape, in medium and in other ways. It’s grown from personal experience and others people’s expreinces who have been generous to share their time and story.

Here is a link to the work LINK. The works are for sale, contact info@scottliveseygalleries.com

Here is my artist statement:


I originally intended for these pieces to all be of me, but over time the subjects became performers, sex workers, life models and friends – those who modelled for me became examples of women who found freedom and empowerment through their sexuality and physicality. In the past while my work has explored the physical form it’s been as a non-sexual expression, and with this work I wanted to illuminate the two spaces that women often live in – that of desire and of repression.

Often the sexuality of women is seen as inherently degrading, something to be subjugated or disparaged, but this body of work is a release of that censorship, both internal and external. The time I spent with the models I work with was sometimes a secret endeavour, and the work is representative of women’s sexuality existing in secret spaces, and the hidden power of embracing it.

Drawing Board #2 – Perspective

Greetings good beings,

Second epidose is out, here is a link: LINK

When Daniel Browning and I talk we draw at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing and I am in dream land – this is an amazing experience.

The next episode will be live this Wednesday – we talk hands.

Have a good week