thirty nine

Hello, it is Sunday evening and I am very tired and should be in bed but I have made a promise to myself to write here more –

I turned thirty nine this weekend – the last year of my thirties. I started the day with an unexpected delivery of breakfast on a silver tray with a beautiful smelling tea rose, and later I got to have a beautiful dinner ( thank you 🙂 ). On Sunday I got to have high tea with my daughter.

I am super lucky, each day is a gift.

This week is a wild one but tell me which week isn’t 😉



Covid-19 times sketching


I am making myself scan in drawings from the sketchbooks to share here, I have been drawing like a proper drawing person at the moment – as in all the time. It’s so so good. Things have recently shifted and changed in my life and I have my art and it’s wonderful.

Part of the change is that I got a new job! It was a Friday afternoon send in my application by Monday morning I am scheduled for induction affair. Made all the more easy because I am qualified and have alllllll the paperwork at the ready. I aim to do a good job and learn lots of new skills. Uni still doesn’t go back for a little while so I best keep myself busy.

Rapid Antigen Test – RATs. The new gold.


Buffer for RATs. Also gold.


Vials for gold buffer to be place onto GOLD RATs. Gold facilitators.


Saliva test – less common gold.


Blurry – I accidently spilt my international roast coffee on this sketch.


It’s not a proper blog post without a sketch of hand sanitizer, so here’s the Angel. So antimicrobial.

Waiting area sketch after I got my booster. Passed the time quick.


The nurses here were INCREDIBLE.




I have more but I’m trying to group posts into relevant themes for your enjoyment.

Happy Saturday!

watercolour all day long

And all night, I am very tired. I have most of a weekend to myself to paint and work. I’m none too impressed with results so far but holy moly having a good time.

oh there’s some drawing too, of course.



Mistress – boots








how good are hands

red latex


Thank you to all the awesome, awesome humans who take the time to model for me.

Bruise is my own.


More to come but thought I’d try and pace the posts to not overwhelm. Art is exploding out of me.





This ia a little drawing I did on the day Luna came to live with me. She was small and skinny and had a little sore on the end of her nose. I have a large desk for my study (also drawing) and she sitting in a certain spot by one of the windows so I put a little blanket there for her. This is where she looks out at the olive tree, bathing in the morning sun and curls up to sleep at bed time.

It’s nice to have a little meow friend .

Lockdown drawings –

Though my art practice has been stifled over the last couple of years I have kept up sketching while at work (in healthcare) and for study.

I have done a drawing of a tympanic thermometer but I cannot find it anywhere! Which is deeply frustrating, I lovingly rendered the shit out of that drawing – I have hope that I’ll find it.. one day.

Still life – hand sanni atop disinfectant wipes.

Fake flowers in the visiting room.


Very runny baxter hand sanni


Social distancing chairs – doc office.


There has been a lot of upheaval in my life over the last two years and somethings have been very heavy. Somedays I am not sure I can make it – life just seems too hard and then other days it sort of makes sense and I just keep going. I am lucky I have sketching and I am lucky I have so many good books to read. I am also very lucky to be a second year nursing student this year. I am lucky to have friends and I am lucky to have my mum and very blessed to have an amazing daughter.

I am hoping to post more here as I have more time for sketching and writing – I resigned from my job very late last year to focus on my studies so yay! More time.


Sketchy sketch 🙂

Five years

Today marks five years of being sober. How good is that? It’s pretty great.

I recently finished my studies and exams and have been juggling work and lyfe. There was a death of someone very special. I picked up the paint brushes and though I am none too pleased with what is coming out I am still at it and I will get there.

Yesterday – between everything – I did a successful self portrait, I’m in my pyjamas and I am very tired.

I’ll try and update more, promise.

In the meantime back to the things and painting.

Live your life, you only get one.


Work, study, lockdown, etc

Hi hi

What a wild ride this time has been. I’ve had some truly fantastic art experiences mixed in with the End of the World. I’ve been working a lot in my new job and studying full time and think I am doing ok but never really feel on top of anything at all – I am forever behind.

Hope I pass.

I’ve had some truly amazing and incredibly challenging times working in healthcare. I’ve wanted to go in this direction for a while but didn’t think I was smart enough. And look, I may not be an HD girl but I give it a good go and jeez give me a break with lockdowns, home schooling and everything changing all the time. Labs getting cancelled yet I still have to sit exams. I am not getting – most of us nursing students are not getting – enough hands on experience but I am very good at taking my own blood pressure ( always low ) yet I still cannot pronounce sphygmomanometer.

I’ve got paperwork to work out ( I have never been good at forms ) and dinner to make ( kidding, it’s take away pizza, again ) and study to do and all that but wanted to write here because I need to claw myself back to art and this space it is such a big part of me and it’s been kicked out of me since the beginning of the end, well, began.

Make sense? Probably not.

I have been working on this very detail drawing in a smaller size because I don’t have a studio anymore ( no time and can’t afford it 🙁 ) but it’s a nice size to do because in a way it is making me think a lot more about composition and details as it is intimate. I’ve only completed about 4/5 of it and it has already taken me hours and hours. But jeez it is fantastic. It’s of a grass tree in Woowookarung inspired by this incredibly beautiful drawing by Eugene von Guerard. I came across it when looking into early artworks of Ballarat for my exhibition Overburden.

Hours and hours of work already. I get lost in there and it’s magical and I can overthink and not think.

Anyway, wanted to say hello and post this image of a lovely horse from Deans Marsh.