Lockdown drawings –

Though my art practice has been stifled over the last couple of years I have kept up sketching while at work (in healthcare) and for study.

I have done a drawing of a tympanic thermometer but I cannot find it anywhere! Which is deeply frustrating, I lovingly rendered the shit out of that drawing – I have hope that I’ll find it.. one day.

Still life – hand sanni atop disinfectant wipes.

Fake flowers in the visiting room.


Very runny baxter hand sanni


Social distancing chairs – doc office.


There has been a lot of upheaval in my life over the last two years and somethings have been very heavy. Somedays I am not sure I can make it – life just seems too hard and then other days it sort of makes sense and I just keep going. I am lucky I have sketching and I am lucky I have so many good books to read. I am also very lucky to be a second year nursing student this year. I am lucky to have friends and I am lucky to have my mum and very blessed to have an amazing daughter.

I am hoping to post more here as I have more time for sketching and writing – I resigned from my job very late last year to focus on my studies so yay! More time.


Sketchy sketch 🙂

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