Sunday – there was sun and I planted more things. I made banana bread at Kidlet’s request, I’ve not baked with this oven before so I hope it turned out ok. The house smells delicious at least.

I have a few busy months ahead of me, it’s a little overwhelming to look at from here but I just have to break it up into smaller tasks day by day. Always easier said than done but I’ll give it a crack.

The above image is a corner of a drawing I have nearly finished, it is of the Otways – a very special place. I have another drawing sitting next to it, half complete, Mt Cole. I abandoned it in 2018, I found it when I finally moved out all my stuff from my old studio. Silly me, I think it’s worth finishing.

Anyway, time to go read up on some pathophysiology and get into the next week. Well, after I make popcorn.

Blessings good beings x