More sketches

If an artwork is drawn and doesn’t get scanned in and put online, does the artwork really exsist? 😛

Rearranging things and uploading drawings and sketches I have shut away in books.

I haven’t done the artwork I wanted to this year; study has been a lot, I’ve been to hospital and separate to that I was involved in a car accident. All is fine as it could be it’s just life doing life things. I have managed though and I have that.

So no big artworks yet but there are plenty of sketches, as there always is.

(And if there isn’t, that is when to be worried).



Drawing in the gallery at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Greetings, happy February ( how are we here already!? )

I am running a few workshops at the Art Gallery of Ballarat – three hours of drawing fundamentals! I’ll be going through establishing horizon line, perspective, light source, basic shapes and form in order to build up a drawing with a focus on landscape. This will be taking place within the current exhibition Beating About the Bush.

The first two workshops have sold out, with February the 19th being the last remaining date. Details are here: LINKY 

I am really looking forward to these 🙂


fever dreams

Oh wow, sickness is horrid. The other night I couldn’t stand/ sit upright, I was freezing but hot, drenched in sweat (delicious) and I thought I saw someone in my room and cried out.


I’m much better than that at the moment, phew. The kindness of my friends and neighbours is big – thank you.

Back to feeling shit!


I finished exams last week and then went away for a few days for the first time ever since mid 2019! It was wonderful to not have reception and to be out in nature with the kids, trees, roos. I am mentally exhausted and the fresh air and exercise was very much needed, I am happier for it.

I am glad I took along my sketchbook –




We said goodbye to our friend Matt recently. Though he passed over a year ago now no one got to say goodbye properly due to lockdowns. He was surrounded by his friends, of which he had many, because he is Matt.