Call and Response exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Hello and happy Sunday!

I have my drawing currently on display at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in their group exhibition. Open from 22nd of January – 8th of May. More details are on their website: Clicky click 

The photo is taken on my birthday 🙂

The exhibition displays recently aquired works along side of older works in the gallery collection – how cool is that. It’s really cool.


Lately in sketches

Oh helllooooo – mid week but I kept thinking it was Friday and it is very much not. University goes back NEXT WEEK, I am feeling all sorts of feelings. Mostly – terror.

I am travelling along ok – making a lot of new friends through uni and work and though this year is fresh it feels completely different to last year. I am really enjoying sketching again, filling up book after book.

Covid 19 Bento

Robot toy guy!

This one is from last year, but in the book I am currently filling up and I think it is pretty. I remember drawing it, really trying to hold myself together. Drawing holds me together.



OK so that’s me for now. It is time to read to Poppet – We are starting Lord of the Rings tonight, finished the Hobbit a few nights back. We both had a late one last night ( Lego ), I have the proof:



2002 called:

lololololololololololololololol etc

worky work painty paint

I’m off for a month for work in March so I am trying to get as much prep and painting done before then because I know I will be super busy = super tired. It’s been warm which means I can get outside and work earlier/ later which helps. I also got paid this week and I will purchase my every own printer – grown up!

I get to sketch like a mad thing everyday now, I should buy a few more sketch books just to have them on hand because I seem to be doing a number of drawings / sketches each week in the ones that I do have an am running out of pages. I wouldn’t say that all the things I draw and sketch are good – but that is not the point – it’s practice, it’s wonderful.

Here are the little aluminium panels I have prepared:

So shiny! So pretty! 12 x 17cm.

I purchased a large panel of aluminium from a plastics place, it was a few meters long so Gene cut it down to size for me (thank you!), then I have sanded the edges and prepped the surface with a few layers transparent gesso. If you want to explore this surface and have a mate who can help out with the cutting – or even better, have your own equipment, I recommend this as purchasing aluminium from art stores is *so* expensive.

Thank you to the other artists who have taken time to answer all my questions about this as well, very much appreciated.

I’ve finished one little painting for the new series and have another very close to finished, I scanned the completed one in but the colour doesn’t translate well at all, I’ll have to borrow a good camera and photograph them but I am getting sidetracked – I just need to focus on making the paintings and worry about documentation a bit down the track. At least I know now – scanner is great for works on paper, not the shiny shiny.

Look At The Time – I better go and do the things Thursday needs me to do, I’m going to gesso a bunch more panels soon I’ll post a photo because they look so nice and pretty.

It me, in the painting/ cat room.



This painting has been many years in making and is close to being finished. I worked on it yesterday and was going to get more done on it today but early in the morning my email pinged to tell me we are now officially divorced and that’s knocked me a bit. Which is strange because it seemed like the least Biggest Deal out of everything he and I have been through together – but you never know how you’re going to feel until it happens.

We have our beautiful daughter and we have our friendship.

So this painting has formed and developed alongside of all of the things that have happened over the past few years. I don’t really have any more words for today and I suspect I won’t be getting much drawing done either, but it’s good to just give it a go!

Everything else can wait for another day.


draw what you can see

I only had an hour in my studio this week but it was good to work four days – get the experience, save the money and go to Melbourne to see Evelyn Ida Morris and Sarah Blasko perform. Which was AMAZING.

I sold a drawing on the weekend – a large one, which is an incredible feeling as since the first lockdown all of that has slowed right down. So thank you buyer in Hong Kong!  Uni starts back very soon, I am really looking forward to it as I go on placement within the first week for a month at a hospital. I really enjoy working at hospitals.

Ok, I’m going to go draw now.


thirty nine

Hello, it is Sunday evening and I am very tired and should be in bed but I have made a promise to myself to write here more –

I turned thirty nine this weekend – the last year of my thirties. I started the day with an unexpected delivery of breakfast on a silver tray with a beautiful smelling tea rose, and later I got to have a beautiful dinner ( thank you 🙂 ). On Sunday I got to have high tea with my daughter.

I am super lucky, each day is a gift.

This week is a wild one but tell me which week isn’t 😉



Covid-19 times sketching


I am making myself scan in drawings from the sketchbooks to share here, I have been drawing like a proper drawing person at the moment – as in all the time. It’s so so good. Things have recently shifted and changed in my life and I have my art and it’s wonderful.

Part of the change is that I got a new job! It was a Friday afternoon send in my application by Monday morning I am scheduled for induction affair. Made all the more easy because I am qualified and have alllllll the paperwork at the ready. I aim to do a good job and learn lots of new skills. Uni still doesn’t go back for a little while so I best keep myself busy.

Rapid Antigen Test – RATs. The new gold.


Buffer for RATs. Also gold.


Vials for gold buffer to be place onto GOLD RATs. Gold facilitators.


Saliva test – less common gold.


Blurry – I accidently spilt my international roast coffee on this sketch.


It’s not a proper blog post without a sketch of hand sanitizer, so here’s the Angel. So antimicrobial.

Waiting area sketch after I got my booster. Passed the time quick.


The nurses here were INCREDIBLE.




I have more but I’m trying to group posts into relevant themes for your enjoyment.

Happy Saturday!