worky work painty paint

I’m off for a month for work in March so I am trying to get as much prep and painting done before then because I know I will be super busy = super tired. It’s been warm which means I can get outside and work earlier/ later which helps. I also got paid this week and I will purchase my every own printer – grown up!

I get to sketch like a mad thing everyday now, I should buy a few more sketch books just to have them on hand because I seem to be doing a number of drawings / sketches each week in the ones that I do have an am running out of pages. I wouldn’t say that all the things I draw and sketch are good – but that is not the point – it’s practice, it’s wonderful.

Here are the little aluminium panels I have prepared:

So shiny! So pretty! 12 x 17cm.

I purchased a large panel of aluminium from a plastics place, it was a few meters long so Gene cut it down to size for me (thank you!), then I have sanded the edges and prepped the surface with a few layers transparent gesso. If you want to explore this surface and have a mate who can help out with the cutting – or even better, have your own equipment, I recommend this as purchasing aluminium from art stores is *so* expensive.

Thank you to the other artists who have taken time to answer all my questions about this as well, very much appreciated.

I’ve finished one little painting for the new series and have another very close to finished, I scanned the completed one in but the colour doesn’t translate well at all, I’ll have to borrow a good camera and photograph them but I am getting sidetracked – I just need to focus on making the paintings and worry about documentation a bit down the track. At least I know now – scanner is great for works on paper, not the shiny shiny.

Look At The Time – I better go and do the things Thursday needs me to do, I’m going to gesso a bunch more panels soon I’ll post a photo because they look so nice and pretty.

It me, in the painting/ cat room.