Lately in sketches

Oh helllooooo – mid week but I kept thinking it was Friday and it is very much not. University goes back NEXT WEEK, I am feeling all sorts of feelings. Mostly – terror.

I am travelling along ok – making a lot of new friends through uni and work and though this year is fresh it feels completely different to last year. I am really enjoying sketching again, filling up book after book.

Covid 19 Bento

Robot toy guy!

This one is from last year, but in the book I am currently filling up and I think it is pretty. I remember drawing it, really trying to hold myself together. Drawing holds me together.



OK so that’s me for now. It is time to read to Poppet – We are starting Lord of the Rings tonight, finished the Hobbit a few nights back. We both had a late one last night ( Lego ), I have the proof:



2002 called:

lololololololololololololololol etc

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