Works on Paper exhibition

at Scott Livesey Galleries
909A High Street
Armadale VIC
7th to the 24th of Feb

The opening will be on Saturday the 17th of Feb, 1 to 3PM.

Featuring Jason Benjamin, McLean Edwards, Yanni Floros, Todd Hunter, Ellie Kammer, Lily Mae Martin, Matt R Martin, John Pastoriza-Piñol, Luke Sciberras and Paul White amongst others.

Here is an online link to most of the works in the show: W.O.P.18

I have a number of works in this, ranging from larger framed works to medium framed to small framed and a number of unframed small works in a folio.
I hope you can make it, I am very proud of the work I have done and to be exhibiting in such a great gallery with many amazing artists.

Artworks for sale

Hello there – I have a number of artworks that are framed and avalible for sale at Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne. I thought I’d put together a post with their details and if you are interested please contact the gallery on T: +61 3 9824 7770 or email at INFO@SCOTTLIVESEYGALLERIES.COM

First up, the landscapes
Haunted – 56 x 76cm, ink on paper, 2017

Waterloo State Forest, View From Back – 105 x 75cm, ink on paper, 2016

In The Gully, 56 x 76cm, ink on paper, 2016

Then – the nudes – these vary in sizes

As yet untitled, 56 x 76cm, ink on paper, 2017

As yet untitled, 56x76cm, ink on paper, 2017

Rebirth, 75 x 105cm, ink on paper, 2017

Ride, 30 x 30cm, ink on paper, 2016

Dancer, 30 x 30cm, ink on paper, 2016

There are more, if you follow this link: Lily Mae Martin at Scott Livesey Galleries

busy bees

I went to Women of Letters on Sunday – my ears and heart are all full up. I haven’t been to one for a few years now – 2013! Here’s a sketch I did all the way back then:

At this event I had planned to sketch again but I forgot my sketch book ( !!!! ) and it was one of those weekends were I couldn’t get much right.. So I thought I shouldn’t push it.
Angie Hart was such an amazing host, and the letters were very funny to deeply personal. These events are just so special and I wish I could make it more often.

Lately I’ve been really stuck in the studio finishing off my latest piece ( Haunted ) so after finishing it I’ve been trying to leave the house and do a few other things here and there.. To feel human and reconnect. Husband and I recently went to a very special place for us and it was — good to do, I think.

Summer Salon exhibition

Summer Salon exhibition continues throughout February at Scott Livesey Galleries in Armadale, Melbourne.
I have the above large drawing, one of my Waterloo landscapes and two smaller drawings in this exhibition.
There’s drinks happening today at the gallery with many of the artists present including myself. Hope to see you there!

Road trips, gardening, exhibitions

oak Oak! These things are EVERYWHERE in our garden.

butterfly A beautiful visitor.

lmmlc Two small drawings by me, hanging next to a painting by Luke Sciberras at Scott Livesey Galleries in Armadale, on view until December 21st

picbykidlet By Kidlet
“I tried to draw you mummy, but it didn’t work”
“Am I angry?”
“No, it just didn’t work”
“I love it, can I keep it?”
“Yeah, but it didn’t work out how I wanted it to”
“That doesn’t matter, because it is AMAZING”

npp Nadia Toukhsati’s paint palette.

dt Truck stop views.


ss1 Drawing together – “You never draw anything cool mummy” haha. Bless.

ntogs A house near the old gas station.

hotkitty Kitty sums up how we all feel.

The NGV – so much fun

My better half landed a last minute job interview, so kid and I took a ride with him into Melbourne to go to the National Gallery of Victoria.
I haven’t been for a while, the NGV is a place I will just drop into because, because. Because art, because space, because the coffee is good, because I used to work there for so many years, because I was forced to go to drawing lessons every weekend when I was a kid (seriously, I have memories of copying Charles Blackman’s works, I vividly remember the chairs.)

When we did arrive, the sun was already hot and the gallery was just opening. There was a queue of people that wrapped around the moat. Everyone was there to catch the last of the big exhibition and I felt relieved that we were not there for that!

We took a ride on Carsten Höller’s Golden Mirror Carousel while waiting for our friends. The crowds formed thick and fast around us, but we got away to let the kids play outdoors in the garden. All that clean, nice space!


We then went into the kids area, which I had worked in during the Melbourne Now exhibition, and during that time I was told that they were opening up that part of the gallery to be a kids space, permanently.
I remember stalking in there many years ago looking at Dürer and Goya’s line works, part of a prints and drawing exhibition of which I cannot remember the title. I had worked on the kids programs for that exhibition also. The gallery had commissioned me to draw a set of angel and a set of devil wings that children could cut out and create their own creatures with. A beautiful little blonde girl drew this amazing beast, with many sagging breasts and a vuvla with fat lips that was leaking something. It took my breath away.. At first I was like, that is weird and then I was like nooo, actually that is pretty cool and creative and oh my god she is amazing and oh my god, I want one!
(A kid, not a several breasted big lipped creature..)

Anyway, in this space they have Express Yourself: Romance was Born for Kids which is just amazing. If you haven’t been, you really must go. I could not believe how beautiful and rich the space is. And so generous. There are so many things for children to do: drawing on ipads, jumping on lillie pads in front of a Del Kathryn Barton painting, decorating mask beards..

cool (My pal Steph took this shot)

We then went to visit the David Shrigley because I had seen on various cool people’s instagrams that you could do drawing in there. We were stopped by a security guard who told us about an exhibit on level three that may be of interest; you could climb on it! So, being in the company of two four year olds, we had to go there first.

The Island Bird by Ernesto Neto – was so so so much fun to explore together, we all had a go at climbing through the structure.

Then finally, we made it down to the David Shrigley exhibition. There were so many awesome things to look and and giggle with the kids about.


My daughter was a little frightened of the sculpture, who blinks and wees intermittently. I think she was also overwhelmed by everything and the ginormous space. But after cuddles and encouragement she sat down and drew with the rest of us. Her friend said to me “Lily is doing a Great Job!” and said to my daughter “oohhh, you’re an Artist!”

At one point when the sculpture peed a group of adults looking at us said that perhaps this exhibition wasn’t suitable for children – I had a quite giggle. The exhibition is perfect for children!


It is at this point that we were all very tired and quickly did the obligatory visit to the Great Hall (AKA Smashed Rainbow Room) and put our hands in the water running down the entrance wall. We all left extremely tired but happy – thank you NGV, Steph and Z for one of the best days ever!



Françoise Mouly, Art Spiegelman, comics and sketches

What a week!

Monday morning Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly visited Squishface studio – along with a number of Melbourne’s finest comic artists, cartoonists, illustrators – magic makers. I was absolutely star struck and honored for the conversations, advice and encouragement given.

I think this photo, taken by Gregory Mackay, sums it up rather nicely:

That’s Mandy Ord, myself, Ben Hucho and Art.

I slipped off after the coffee as I was so overwhelmed and inspired and also – I had to get daughter from daycare. But wow – what a Monday. WHAT A MONDAY.

The next evening I attended the event ran by the Wheeler Centre at Melbourne Town Hall and had my mind blown again with meeting more amazing people and hearing Art speak for some two and a half hours on the history of comics, his experiences and inspirations. The passion and humor of this man kept everyone quite and attentive throughout the entire presentation.

Nicki Greenberg did an amazing job hosting the event and so I drew her and Art’s hands while they were talking.

During the event I also drew the back of Nicki’s head and then realized Oslo Davis was sitting across from me – so I drew him too.

I’m still trying to find the words but I just feel so lucky – so lucky – to have had these expereinces and meet these amazing and inspiring people.