Drawings of my Daughter

Kidlet is about to turn eight, I wanted to get together a collection of drawings – and paintings – I have done of her in the last eight years. I have nothing from her first year of life. Just one quick sketch I did in the hospital ( yes, I had my sketchbook at the hospital when I gave birth ) but I can’t find it. No matter – there’s plenty here.

8 thoughts on “Drawings of my Daughter

  1. Jacinta on said:

    Extraordinary. So much love. So much life. So much joy. So much pleasure. So much grace. So much hope. Photos are beautiful but to have a collection of drawings and paintings is filled with is so much more

    • Thank you Jacinta – it is such a joy to have all of these and little notes about what we are doing on that day. Can’t believe what becomes the everyday is forgotton so easily as time marches on. x

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