New drawing – Waterloo State Forest, view from the back


Waterloo State Forest, view from the back
Lily Mae Martin
105 x 75cm
Ink on Paper

Waterloo State Forest, view from the back is an exploration of death and grief through the peripheral. Much of my work focuses on the intimate details of the human body, but watching a loved one die can complicate that work. Death is the process of the body shutting down, and documenting that isn’t always possible or right. Waterloo is the documentary of a life passing, and of the lives around it changing, as it is experienced through the landscape: a hushed forest, pitted with mineshafts; the perpetual shifting of light and shadow; the symbiosis of regrowth and decay.



School holidays have been fullllllooooonnnnnn. We traveled almost three hours to get to a birthday party, we danced and ate cake. There’s been drawing and tears and sleep and not much sleep and so much anime and Pokémon. We baked election day gingerbread and did yoga and cuddled in bed on rainy mornings. It’s just at the halfway mark, and I finished a big drawing.