Domestic scenes and self portraits


The above is a blind continuous line drawing of cat and plants on the windowsill in my studio. I thought kids were hard to draw, but cats – woah. They don’t even stay still in their sleep!

^Time Out^
I did this drawing of my daughter in time out the other day. Time out is such an amazing way of getting her to calm down and think of her actions. I highly, highly recommend it.


This is me trapped to the back end of the house while waiting for my daughter to actually go to sleep. Night time routine is probably the bane of my existence.

This is me after I think she has gone to sleep and I’ve been watching Jimeoin talking about Beyoncé doing her house hold chores. I love comedy, I am pretty sure it has saved me.


This is me the day before last looking pretty scary. I’m not scary, but I can look it. Or something.