8 thoughts on “Kidlet and art making

  1. Ains on said:

    This is such a lovely blog….all to often I hear people complain about how they have no time to do the things they love because they are too busy looking after the people they love and it is wonderful that you have found a balance….makes me slightly less frightened of the possibility of having children one day

    • I think what I don’t have time for is mostly social and alone time.
      I do struggle, and I do complain – but actively making it part of my and my family life seems to be really paying off now! Now that she is a little older and now that I am more set and established in my ways and my work. It’s tricky and I do understand why a lot of people loose it – I really do!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Gayle De Angelis on said:

    It brought goosebumps to my skin and tears to my eyes, Lily. One of the most amazing powers of art to transform our inner being and touch all. You are both so gifted and gifting. Thankyou for the inspiration, xxxx

  3. Thanks for sending me the link to this post. What a wonderful thing it is to not only expose your kids to art and people and bodies and culture (and all that jazz) but also to involve them in the creative process and watch them figure things out for themselves. You’re doing your beautiful wee girl a great service by giving her this wild life. xxo

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