A call out

Yesterday evening, I put a call out for people to model for me for my nest project. I have had such a huge response in such a short amount of time – I am so happy!!! I feel so lucky!!!
I used these drawings as an example of what I want people to do:


People asked if I was just looking out for women – this is not the case. Most of my works feature nude women because I am a woman and I am the easiest model. Basically, they are all of me. Ha.
I am after all kinds of people – you just have to be willing to get nude. This is not a portrait series either, this collection of work is about body and nude/ nakedness.

I thought I should write what is going on here just incase anyone reads this and wants to be part of it. If that is you, please email me lily at lilymaemartin dot com.

I will travel to you if I can, also I don’t have the funds to pay people – but I will give you the prep. sketch of the work as a thank you.

But thank you again to all the people who shared it about and to all of those who are willing to take part – it is such a privilege! I cannot wait to get started.

I just have to move house first…

Play Up – An Amazing Experience

Some months ago I was invited to draw at the Play Up convention in Sydney, as well as run a drawing workshop, by the Arts Health Institute. This is a convention exploring and exchanging ideas on how to bring the arts into aged care – I was pretty excited about it, but also didn’t know what to expect.

But wow, what a ride. Well, it was held at the Luna Park – I didn’t go on the rides because I don’t do rides..


I started off with quick blind continual line drawings – the above one being a trust exercise in Nick Fury’s workshop on performance anxiety.

And I went on to do more detailed drawings:



The first day ended with a life time achievement award for 100 year old dancer Eileen Kramer. She danced and everyone was speechless. It was so beautiful. I drew her, and then gave her the drawing.


Here is a video of her dancing earlier this year:

There was a party afterwards –
In the Coney Island, which felt like we had stepped into a time warp. What an amazing place. I didn’t last too long as I had been up since 4:30AM and traveling, then drawing all day.

Then the next day was a bit shorter for me as I had to catch my plane back, I had problems with my ticket so went to the airport early to sort it out. But wow, I left thinking that there is hope in this world when there are wonderful people doing wonderful things.

Thank you AHI for the opportunity and the experience.



In between places


I’ve been in the big smoke for most of this week, having to leave the above work in progress behind.
I was reluctant to leave, I’m enjoying the drawing. But it’s been so good. Though I had to cancel a few things as the first night here I hardly slept. I’ve been cooking food for everyone and having shallow baths, reading books and going to bed super early.

I went to Play Fest with my kid to see Georgia Fields play – it was wonderful. We stuck around to see other acts and I laughed to much and kid danced so much – it was really great.

Then man face missed me so much he came down to visit and we went on a date! We haven’t done that in a very, very long time.

I think this is what people call relaxed.


I also got to pick up a number of my works from my framer – he’s a real gem. Collecting my work from there is like my Christmas time, several times a year. Or even birthdays, because birthdays are like, way better.
Anyway, I love his work and he tells me to keep working and it’s always really nice and I sit and look at how my works are transformed into legitimate pieces of art by these beautiful mount boards, floating mounts and frames.

So anyway, not back in the country until much later this week as I am off to Sydney tomorrow for the conference. Then, when I do get back, I have to pack as we are moving!



New drawings



Both of these are as yet untitled, ink on paper, 77 x 57 cm

I am really enjoying the strong contours and leaving more white of the paper to help for the work. I think I sometimes over work works and I just keep rendering until the line work is lost. So this is me pulling it right back, which I guess is more complex though it may seem like less work. This new technique is a result of all of the work!

More to come..


Who are you, what are you


Chatting to a pal recently they told me of their relationship that was different to most, but hey – aren’t they all? They commented about how some people are confused by the situation, to which we were both baffled by as all people within this set up were good and happy.
But this sort of thing is not unusual – we see it everywhere. The commentary on what is normal and what is abnormal in regard to sexuality, relationships and living situations.
I recall the ‘natural family’ conference which occurred recently to which I was completely baffled – I found it more than insensitive to suggest that any other set up from their limited definition was abnormal. Humans and life is just far more complex,interesting and richer than that.
Similarly – I cannot fathom someone’s sexual preference or identity being up for public scrutiny.
No one is public property, and no one is wholly public property even if they are within the public eye.

I think I am pretty uninteresting when it comes to most things. I mean, all I want to do is draw. If I am not drawing, then I just want to be asleep. But I know and know of many interesting, colourful, rich and beautiful people out there and though we are different from one another I’m so fucking grateful for this beautiful difference – difference to me, that is.

Anyway, this is purely an opinion piece, written by me, on my blog. But I just think it is important for people to be open. Regardless of if you understand something, I think it is very important to be accepting.

New drawing

Ink on paper
64 x 49cm

The above drawing took a little longer to complete because I went through a phase of not trusting myself with my work, and I also ruined a few pieces. I didn’t want to touch this until I knew I wouldn’t stuff it up – because it is very different in drawing style to what I have been doing. It is a turning point with and I like to make sure that key works are delivered safely!

Anyway, after a few weeks of “oh no I’ve lost my ability to draw/ paint/ make things” I just threw myself back into drawing and completed four drawings this week. F O U R. I feel pretty proud and I will share the rest pretty soon.