Piggy Back – New Drawing


Piggy Back
By Lily Mae Martin
Ink on paper
105 x 75cm

SO MUCH FUN was had making this work. Jeez, I think when I connect with the subjects/ models it really translates into the work. So much joy.

I know that this year is seeing my work jump from a range of things, but I promise that it will all come together and make sense. It is really important, for me, to keep making even if it doesn’t appear cohesive to the rest of the world.

The Paul Guest Drawing Prize opens at the Bendigo Art Gallery tomorrow evening ( I have a drawing in it! ) I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition. It will run from the 27th of August to the 16th of October.

Cheese and pickle toasties

Finished a figurative piece this week ( will share later ) and have three more on the board sketched up and ready to go.. I took a break from this one to do two figurative ones and then tried to work on it again and see why I left it for a bit. It. Is. So. So. Very. Hard…


I got so frustrated I had to stop for the day, so I ate a cheese and pickle toastie in the bath and read about murder until the water went cold. I felt like shit, I expect so much, being able to switch from one style or subject matter to the next. But I know, I know it ain’t like that. So I’ll have to have some hard days a the board being like I am shit why am I doing this I can’t draw but drawing all the same until it just clicks and I’ll be like this is the best in the world, how do I ever find this hard, f**k I’m proud of myself .

That’s what I’ll be like. Maybe next week.

But cheese and pickle toasties – I highly recommend.

Eight years in self portraits

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, creating one post with all the self portraits – selfies – that I have done over the years. I’ve been examining myself for about eight years now, I haven’t always liked what I’ve seen. But it is an impressive, sometimes scary, sometimes sad and sometimes funny collection. I know I don’t have copies of all of them. They’re spread out over four old computers and some have probably accidentally/ on purposely been deleted.

2008 – Australia





2009 – Berlin


2010 – Wales

Caption 1

2011 Berlin


2012 Berlin > Australia







2013 – Australia, working as an illustrator







2014 Rural Victoria to Victorian town























I completely hate this one!









And trust me, this is not all of them and there will be more to come!
I am really proud of my work.

Remember Me

( Title of post from websites having the Remember Me option. )


The Period is coming. I’ve felt it turning in my guts over the last few days, dragging down my lower back. But I refuse to sit and take stock, I just want to draw, draw, draw. Sunday morning I got up early ( I am not a morning person ) to pack and clean the beach house and just get home. Once home and hangrily making and thus devouring a cheese and pickle toastie ( these details are important ) I marched straight up into my studio and got back to working on the above piece.
I am working between the figurative and the landscape, not sure if I’ll fuse them together or just create two separate bodies of works ( I mean, why not ) and so far I plan to get two more figurative pieces and two more landscapes done before the year is out. ( The landscapes take me months to do… months.. all those lines )

I’m so inspired and proud that my work has gotten into some fine prizes this year, off the back of my first solo show with Scott Livesey Galleries. It has been a productive and rewarding year and we are only just half way through. I’m working super hard and I am just going to keep on going.

I love drawing.

Beach house in winter


We’re at a beachside town and there’s no one here but the birds. It feels like we’ve had several days worth of Sunday’s. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve unplugged from Facebook and feel like my mind is so much clearer. I said to my other half ” I fear I’ll be on my death bed and be like goddamn I wasted so much of my time on Facebook”


I have to address this, it feels like social media taps into a part of my brain that can’t stop drinking alcohol, or can’t stop eating shitty food. It doesn’t feel healthy. I’m so stressed with how accessible I am all the time. How easy it is to look up people from the past and how normal that seems to be. How not liking posts or having seen a message, but not responding means things. It’s like I need to be diligent with everything, all the time.


I need to switch off more often, be present with the people that are in my life now. Value my time. I know Facebook has changed the way we interact with content online and effects out relationships IRL. I’ve experienced it all! But I can’t keep this up, I don’t want to keep this up. It’s doing my head in.


Drawing last night and my husband said ” do you find that relaxing?” Yes, yes I do :)


So got to tune out more, get some more balance back in my life. Social media has done some great things, but I do want some more of my pre social media life back. I want relationships to form more organically, I want to give things the actual time it needs rather then being swept up in likes and generating content.


All photos by Gene the magic one.

Seated Nude – New Drawing


Seated Nude
By Lily Mae Martin
105 x 75cm
Ink on paper

It may seem a little haphazard, the way I work. My last finished piece that I posted here was a landscape..


…which took me several months to draw ) but I assure you there is a method to the madness!
Sort of.

Such a relief it was, going back to working on the body. I’m trying to work out ways of combining the two – but I am not quite there yet. Though I have heaps of ideas and I am super excited.

Though I love this drawing –

– my girl in a cave, it was an experiment – I don’t think it quite achieved It. ( Whatever It is, I’m still trying to work that out .. )

This worked –

Morning Song, ink on paper, 76 x 56cm , 2016

Morning Song, ink on paper, 76 x 56cm , 2016

But I am not sure how to make that a series. That’s ok, I still got some nudes to draw in their negative space and some landscapes without figures to finish and then, hopefully, I have worked out a little bit more in my head and with my hands what it is that I am making.

Still, looking through this post alone with the drawings I have made this year I cannot express to you how excited I am about making the new works and how proud I am of what I have already created. Not meaning to sound up myself or nothing – but if there’s no joy in what you do then what’s the point.

My back aches and the nude is fresh off of the board. Time for a tea and some sleep.



Poppet turned six years old this week. I decided to experiment with cake and fondant and what an adventure it has been! I have to admit that I don’t want to know about cake for a little while..

The red cake was for her school friends, I thought it wouldn’t work out but it did and she was really proud to take it into school and share.


The blue cake is for her birthday party. It’s a white chocolate mud cake ( I made a test cake the other night and we all ate half of it so fast that it put us off of our dinner! ) with a rose butter cream and then the fondant cover and little creatures that I made. Totally didn’t plan it very well, totally didn’t come out as I wanted it to but she LOVES it so, success!


She drew this this morning of daddy playing the banjo – I have to share it because it is so awesome.