Pictures from Drawing, all the time exhibition

datt1 Poet Nathan Curnow

The exhibition opened last week at Ararat Regional Art Gallery, it was a pretty amazing turn out and I felt very overwhelmed and grateful and excited and terrified.. A great cocktail of emotions!

kidletcorner Kidlet’s corner

There’s a hilarious picture a friend took of kidlet standing behind me while I am trying to do an artist talk, she’s placing her purple pony toy on one of my shoulders and if it’s peering up from behind me or just trying to take a seat.



Open until the 30th of October.


Thank you to everyone who has seen the exhibition. Special thanks to Anthony Camm who has been very supportive and for giving me this opportunity and thank you to Gene for always, always believing in me and to Anja – my light, my monkey, my chicken, my possum.


Some recent media


My drawing I am blood, bones and a beating heart is the cover of the September issue of Trouble Magazine.

I was also interviewed by the Courier a couple of days ago. They called while I was strolling in the old cemetery, drinking coffee. I didn’t mention this to the journalist, but I am mentioning here! Here is a link

Back in June I was invited to speak on The Arts Show with Alex McCulloch. I’m on at 36:20, just after Hey Jude.

My exhibition at Ararat Regional Art Gallery opened yesterday. There is an artist talk tomorrow at 1PM.

Install Day today!


Today we delivered the rest of the artwork to Ararat Regional Art Gallery. We moved and shuffled things about until they made sense. I’m feeling pretty proud of it all and feel very lucky.

Drawing, all the time opens at Ararat Regional Art Gallery this Thursday the 15th of September and will be on view until the 30th of October.
The opening will be an artist talk at 1PM this Saturday the 17th of September.


Time, the most precious thing of things

For personal reasons I haven’t really worked in two weeks. I’ve managed an hour or two here and there but really, I that’s not work!

It amazes me that two weeks feels like a life time on the internet, or in other people’s perception, through the filter of the internet. – You haven’t been making work! It’s true that social media has been a great tool for inspiration and motivation, but jebus what a distortion when it comes to the value of time.

Look, I’ve had a bloody great year in terms of my art. Shortlisted for four prizes! TWO solo exhibitions – but this isn’t the norm. It’s really not! This probably won’t happen all the time, it might not even happen again – who knows, and I’m not being self deprecating, I just know that this is how the game is played.. Or, rather, I don’t know it and I know I don’t know… But anyway, a year like this also requires a huge amount of work that’s not the work work – to get things packed up and shipped, to travel to the openings. There’s so much going on that people do not see and this alllll takes time. I’m totally not complaining by the way, I just don’t think people get that there is work that surrounds making the work and it’s invisible. I think it’s important that the invisible is made a little more visible so people can appreciate the work that people do.

Over the years I have stumbled through the many different ways I could get creative. Writing, fiction, articles, blog posts. Illustration, digital, cover art, illustrations for stories and for anatomy. Art, oil painting, drawing.. It’s through these explorations that I have come to really single out and focus in on what it is I want to do – which is drawing. This took time, this took many mistakes. Some of which still make me cringe – oh, the bad writing, the things I opened up with which left me so very vulnerable and I deeply regret that – for what it did to me. Oh, the bad illustrations. Oh, the painting.. Noooooo. All that wasted time! But no, not really wasted, because I say no more to things that get in the way of what I really want to do.

I’ve had to take a huge leap back in terms of my social media use and interaction. I just feel like it has infiltrated my life and my practice in ways that aren’t good at all. I’m so sick of everything in that space having meaning – when ultimately it has no meaning. It frightens me to think of the hours that I have spent on facebook rather then looking at the sky, or the ground, or the flowers – my kid. Or tending to those scary but necessary moments of not knowing what the fuck I am going to make next.

I feel so much pressure to have new works and have new things to say/ announce, but my art – as a lot of art and craft – needs time. And not internet time – real time. It needs the time where I am not actually making work too!

Maybe I’m stuck with the blessing/ curse of remembering what life was like before social media infiltrated it in ways we never could have imagined?

Making artwork, getting it photographed, writing about it, organising exhibitions, wrapping and boxing artwork for shipment, promoting exhibitions, having the exhibitions, deinstalling exhibitions, researching new ideas for new work and then making that new work – this stuff takes years and years. A life time even. I feel so exhausted by the expectations. Being an artist – like being a parent – takes more than just one person doing it all on their own. So the best I can do is remove myself from it as much as possible and focus on real time. Keep doing what I know to work and what I know to be realistic.

crate My shortlisted piece for the JADA 2016 in a crate that my man built for it.


Hello –

This is me and my face at the opening of the Paul Guest Drawing Prize last week at the Bendigo Art Gallery..


By Lily Mae Martin
Ink on paper
105 x 75cm

The opening was fantastic, I was sad kidlet couldn’t make it because she was spewing but it’s OK because
I have been am very proud to say that I am a finalist in the Grafton Regional Gallery’s 2016 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA) !!!!!!
And she can come to that one!

By Lily Mae Martin
77 x 57 cm
Ink on paper

I am really, really pleased and feel so lucky.

Weekend in lines







I saw Anne Summers speak last night – and I drew while I absorbed her words. Drawing helps with the absorption. There’s so much I have to think about and read about and keep reassessing. I am collecting books that I want around the house so if my daughter begins to question what I was questioning, there are things for her to read and explore in regard to feminism.

How much I wish I had these books when I was younger.





So my head is heavy with thoughts and my hands are busy with lines and kitty is laying on my, chewing on a pencil.

Piggy Back – New Drawing


Piggy Back
By Lily Mae Martin
Ink on paper
105 x 75cm

SO MUCH FUN was had making this work. Jeez, I think when I connect with the subjects/ models it really translates into the work. So much joy.

I know that this year is seeing my work jump from a range of things, but I promise that it will all come together and make sense. It is really important, for me, to keep making even if it doesn’t appear cohesive to the rest of the world.

The Paul Guest Drawing Prize opens at the Bendigo Art Gallery tomorrow evening ( I have a drawing in it! ) I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition. It will run from the 27th of August to the 16th of October.

Cheese and pickle toasties

Finished a figurative piece this week ( will share later ) and have three more on the board sketched up and ready to go.. I took a break from this one to do two figurative ones and then tried to work on it again and see why I left it for a bit. It. Is. So. So. Very. Hard…


I got so frustrated I had to stop for the day, so I ate a cheese and pickle toastie in the bath and read about murder until the water went cold. I felt like shit, I expect so much, being able to switch from one style or subject matter to the next. But I know, I know it ain’t like that. So I’ll have to have some hard days a the board being like I am shit why am I doing this I can’t draw but drawing all the same until it just clicks and I’ll be like this is the best in the world, how do I ever find this hard, f**k I’m proud of myself .

That’s what I’ll be like. Maybe next week.

But cheese and pickle toasties – I highly recommend.

Eight years in self portraits

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, creating one post with all the self portraits – selfies – that I have done over the years. I’ve been examining myself for about eight years now, I haven’t always liked what I’ve seen. But it is an impressive, sometimes scary, sometimes sad and sometimes funny collection. I know I don’t have copies of all of them. They’re spread out over four old computers and some have probably accidentally/ on purposely been deleted.

2008 – Australia





2009 – Berlin


2010 – Wales

Caption 1

2011 Berlin


2012 Berlin > Australia







2013 – Australia, working as an illustrator







2014 Rural Victoria to Victorian town























I completely hate this one!









And trust me, this is not all of them and there will be more to come!
I am really proud of my work.