Drawing carrot


I love my house. Those who know me, know this. Those who probably don’t know me, probably know this. It’s something I dug my heels in for. It’s that little bit more expensive, little bit further away from things – it was my first choice.
I couldn’t believe it when we got it, I wanted it so bad I stopped thinking about it. I nearly cried when we inspected it; I remember touching the window sill in the front room, I whispered a wow when I looked out to the view of the city. It has a good view, as it’s on a hill.
The house has shiny floorboards, they are beautiful and rich in colour. The walls are clean, the bathroom is modest – well it’s really tiny – but it is clean and new. No rust, no mould.
As an absolute bonus it has the best air con and heating systems – a luxury I really pushed for as having a small being in over forty degree heat waves is simply the worse.

It took us a very long time to add furniture. I am picky – we are picky – I don’t like chip board, I refuse to pay with my first born for stuff that is simply stuff. I hunted for things on gumtree, in the salvos. I don’t know when this place became home but now that we are leaving it – I recognise that it has become that. Home.

The light in here is incredible. Everything feels exciting and enriched and gosh I’ve just made some pretty fantastic work within these walls.

But – we gotta go. I’ve been packing and packing and sorting and cleaning and juggling and I feel like I can’t go on! There is so much more to do and I want to get this place all shiny again – because I love it.

I finished my mammoth drawing last week and as a sort of therapy I packed up my drawing stuff and it’s already been moved to the new place. ‘Dangling a drawing carrot’ – as Kim Buck said.

I am sure we are more than halfway there. Sure but not so sure but I’ll keep going anyway.

Thanks for reading/ listening.

Short Film by Marianne Latham


Marianne Latham contacted me as she is putting together a documentary about the nude in art. She was interviewing people in regard to the Benalla Nude but others as well. I really look forward to seeing the full doco! But she put together this short of me – I feel really humbled that Marianne wanted to come into my space and ask me about my work and my thoughts. It’s also rather timely as well – because I really need to write a new artist statement soon and this ( plus another interview I did, which is not yet online ) have really got me thinking about what is important to me in my work.


Thank you Marianne!

Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal – project with Cyndi Darnell

Hello everyone!

Cyndi Darnell has just launched a new project on Pozible – Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal – of which I will be illustrating. This is a really exciting project that needs your help to come to life, there is nothing quite like it and I think that this is very important to understand how our bodies work and be able to talk learn about the anatomy of sex – not just in terms of STI’s, puberty and pregnancy.

Cyndi says it all better than I on this video:


“Artist. Lily Mae Martin is one of Australia’s finest anatomical illustrators. Her work is brilliant- have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me. http://lilymaemartin.com. It is my belief that artists should be paid for their work and not compromised by being asked to work for less than they are worth. Lily Mae is hand drawing over 50 detailed anatomical illustrations to bring you the best information possible to help you better understand your body and how it works from a sex and pleasure perspective.”

Thank you and please share

Women on Bed drawings – three so far




The last one I finished off with a twelve and a half hour drawing session. I haven’t been able to sleep as I have been so excited about it and wanted to write about these works but I am so tired from all the drawing and working and uploading and the things so another day. For now, just look.

So proud.

The third


I am determined to get this drawing finished before we move. This week is the last week Kidlet and I have in this home alone – before the beginning of all the changes begin. So if I can get this drawing completed it’d all feel right.
This is the third drawing out of the Woman on Bed small – not so small – series. There was a second one completed recently but she’s not online yet as I haven’t had the time to turn her into a digital image. But since the third one is so close ( pictured above, in progress ) I will wait to do both of them at the same time.

It’s an interesting process producing a series of images that are related. I think the first image is very strong, the second one isn’t as tight – but it still holds it’s own – and this one, the third one, is delicate and intense in ways the other two are not. I’ve drawn this one in predominately 0.1 pens. Which is the second thinnest nib you can get in unipins – slightly thicker than 0.05′s which I used to use all the time but they break within a few strokes on the Arches paper I am using.


This work also employs more sheets in it, I recently visited the Italian Masters at the National Gallery of Victoria and the cloth used in a lot of the religious paintings keep playing on my mind as I work on this drawing. I like the drama of the light and the dark and want to explore cloth and it’s textures further after I have finished this work – and after I have moved.

Anyway – that is where I am at. I still have a painting I wish to complete before the move, but this drawing is much more urgent. When I close my eyes at night I see the hatching on the back of my eyelids and I know that she just has to be finished before I can move onto anything – or anyone – else!

Thanks for reading :)

Grating my fingernail in the cheese grater

I talk a lot about enjoying what you do when it comes to making your art. Respecting the craft and wanting to always improve some element on it. I’ve even been quoted that without this – praise and winning prizes, etc, mean very little if you do not – at the core – love what you do.

Well, of late, I have not been true to this. I have been obsessing over all of the wrong things – and as a result I feel somewhat derailed.

This is not a good feeling, this feeling is one of the worst feels to feel.

Life at the moment is somewhat chaotic. I can’t write about it extensively on my blog, like I have been known to do in the past, because it is not my story to tell. However, it is impacting on myself and my little family greatly and we are moving to the country very soon. Why I mention this is that it is not the first time that I need my art to be solid, be dependable for me. It’s the thing I can turn to and it is there, waiting. And we can engage with one another in whatever mood suits at that time – I could be furiously painting a form or loosing myself into the blending of colours. I could go really hard and fast with pen lines or, again, just loose myself in the delicacy that is drawing in 0.01 pens.

But when I get distracted by sales and promotion and how much I don’t feel like I am ‘getting anywhere’ or feeling guilty for how ungrateful I am by thinking about not getting anywhere, when so much has been achieved, but I still feel the same, or how many people have helped me along the way and to be thinking and feeling like this is really self indulgent and selfish. *breathe* But I guess this is one of the many issues of working alone and being in your own head – it’s hard to gauge where you are at on your on. Working from home.

My point being is that of late, I have been unfaithful in my mind and therefore I feel really unstable. Everything is unstable all the time, really – however art is my buffer. My comfort blanket. It’s where I go to feel human and alive and at peace and when I loose that I feel really, really awful. I feel really lost and purposeless and that is a horrible, scary feeling.

So I have wallowed in this for the past week and now it is time to stop it and get back to it. I love my work and making my work and I know my kid loves my work and the things she says to me about my work really fill my heart. Making work around my family home – the place that has the people I love the most in life – that sometimes gets exhibited in great galleries and talked about online is a huge privilege and I need to be proud of that. I need to let the glowing time glow a little longer.

So back to making and feeling and a little less thinking!

Paints and painting


A number of months back I went into one of my favourite art stores – Senior Art Supplies – and quizzed the lovely man in there about paint – I wanted the good stuff. I’ve always used pretty questionable paint, but when I began watercolouring I bought the best ( French ) stuff and I really saw the difference – so I thought I’d apply this to oil painting.

See – I still don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to painting but I am getting there.

Back to the visit at the art store – I was recommended Michael Harding paints. I think a line like “Once you try them you will never go back” was used – or maybe I just made that up. Either way – it’s true!


I’ve also dropped the use of canvas in favour of board and that makes it all different too. I love the way the paint feels working on the wood and then how rich and glistening it ( the paint ) is once applied.

This morning while working I am pretty sure I had something akin to a religious experience – I’m working on this portrait that seems to be just working out so easily. Which makes me slightly suspicious. I don’t mean easy as easy peasy – but it’s like it is meant to be and I just had a moment of “holy wow, it’s just all working and making sense and I’m not sure this is me or is it something speaking through me and it’s meant to be, HOLY SHIT I AM A VESSEL COMMUNICATING TO THE HIGHER blah blah… etc etc.”


It’s just such a joy – I finally feel like I have found my chosen tools for and painting is becoming far less ad hoc and more a journey on exploring my style. Like where I was with drawing not too long ago. It finally feels like I will produce amazing works and not just fluke it every so often.


( Portrait in progress of author and friend Tony Birch. )

Lastly, I must add, that I recently bought the rose madder paint and if you are a painter – get it. It is amazing. Get them all!