So this is thirty two.

I am eating last nights pizza for breakfast.. and lunch and updating my facebook about it. I am watching my beautiful daughter planting an acorn and with each bit of dirt she scopes over it, she whispers ‘goodbye, goodbye’. I had two friends sleep over last night, who came with cake that they baked me and chutney and an apron that they made me. I had other friends over yesterday afternoon, who played music and kids danced to it. I drank fancy wine and Moët and today I am drinking lots of tea, lots of tea. I got to take one of my friends to a little cafe we (kid and I) discovered a few weeks ago. It only sells coffee. Really good coffee. The lady at the cafe talks to me about todays blends and I have no idea what she is talking about, but I really respect people who are really into what they are doing. She makes a damn fine coffee. She is also really lovely to my daughter. I got four birthday cards and hundreds of messages over social media – which I still haven’t replied to, but I will. I wish my mum was here but am so happy we are so close (relationship wise, not geologically) and that she enjoys my daughter and my kitten almost as much as I do. I have a kitten. She purrs like a motor and shits on the bed, but I am training her and I love the cuddles. I still have bad days, but they are days and not weeks. I am more accepting of myself and my conditions. I’d say something cliché like warts and all, but that’d be a lie. Because I’ve never had any warts. My gym membership starts next week and I am going to be doing some rehabilitation for all the damage that happened to my body during birth, which I have not addressed. I feel excited about that. I feel like this post is perhaps a little gloating but I don’t care. I am so happy. I am so blessed. I am so thirty two and I feel like I’m lucky enough to be given a second chance at life. Which is this. I am so lucky. Thank you all. Thank you.

What a week


Look at that, almost ten days since I’ve written here. What rubbish! Nah, not really – January is a month I should really take off (in future). It’s all of my favourite people’s birthdays (minus one), the time of a very important anniversary and I should take it off.. Especially since next year will be when my kid starts school.

Yep, I know. Got to not think about it otherwise my brain might melt.

I was going to write about my week that has been, but it is nearly dinner time and I’m not sure I can explain it yet because it was such a huge week.

Such a week.

I have work to do but haven’t been able to do it today as I am pooped. I tried. I tried for hours and hours.. But, some days ain’t going to work, deadline or no deadline. So, will try again tomorrow. or maybe the day after. Nah, not that day, coz it’ll be me birthday!

What do you get when two of your favourite people make a person? Another favourite person! Here is a quick drawing I did of BB wearing my hat~



First of the first


First layer completed!
I’m wrecked now but in a really happy way. This is the first oil painting I have started in almost a year.

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to work in oil paint. Though both my drawing and painting tend to be figurative, I do find that they are both very different and to now have both back in my life is a huge relief.


My Week

Sometimes so many things happen in my week that I think “I should put that on my blog” and then they accumulate and I don’t bother. So, in an attempt to not do that, the not updating at all – I think I’ll just do some ‘my week’ posts where I can put everything in there.

I hope that makes sense, my brain is still foggy from sleep.

So, this week has been a big one, I’ve been in and out of Melbourne twice. Once for tests and another for an exhibition opening. I have completely underestimated how tiring going back and forth on the train is! But my kidlet has been such a champ, and behaves much better than most of the adults in the ‘quite carriage’.

Platinum Blend exhibition opened up in San Francisco last Saturday, I have a drawing in the show. I wasn’t able to make the opening because we have been too busy with moving about. But one day, I will make it to North America.
One day.
The above picture is by my friend Ruby, who went along to the opening. Thanks Ruby :)

Here is link to the work, it is available for purchase. You should totally buy it because it looks awesome and then maybe they will ask me to exhibit more over there. CLICK.


Next opening was on Wednesday night, Intersection – The Art of Motherhood , curated by Katie Langmore. It was a great opening with lots and lots of kids.

Looking at the drawings I have done of my daughter, and watching my daughter looking at them made me realise how special it is. She’s already grown and changed so much. I plan to keep on drawing and painting moments in her childhood, but it is not going to be a rushed thing. It is the one body of work I will let grow organically!

So, back home I am slowly becoming more comfortable with the new studio and office space. I try not to get overwhelmed by all the ideas and inspiration in my head. Just remind myself that it is ok to just do a little thing. Enjoy the process. I sometimes feel huge pressure to just churn things out and as a result I’m not always %100 happy with the result. I want to pull that in a bit and give my work the time it needs.

So, I did a few small things this week and have now set up a place and a canvas to paint. Which I dreamt about last night.
Today I will make a dream come true.


One last thing before I log off – tonight Amelia Draws is interviewing me on twitter, it’ll be under #artistonartist – here is a link to my twitter account: CLICK

Maybe see you there!

Art incubating

I read somewhere that art is a life long conversation with oneself – who said that?! Someone please tell me!
This really resonated with me.

My work has been developing and growing slowly, but steadily over the years. Recently I have included other people within my work – apart from the obvious portraits of other people. In my drawings, I have always used my own body because I felt that if I used someone else’s it would mean something else. That, and I didn’t have the gumption to direct and depict other people.

That has change a bit now, I have been building this work and people have been following it for years. The people who are starting to pose for me know my art. Of course, with the more challenging poses I feel more comfortable using me, but I think I must get past this – be brave and just ask people what they will do. The worst is they will say no, and that’s not even that bad!


Art incubates and this body of work is still in that warm and sleepy stages. Though I have started the hours and hours of line work, my usual paper and sizing feels somewhat inadequate. I have a few other alternatives at hand to begin experimenting. It just frightens me a little – I don’t think people have any idea how expensive this paper is. And to simply experiment!?!

I must be bonkers.


Anyway. It grows and it’s forming and I’ve bulldozed my calendar clean so this work is what I will be working on for the year.


Motherhood exhibition


Hello dear readers,

Tomorrow is the opening of a group exhibition, Intersection – The Art of Motherhood.

I have a collection of drawings/ illustrations of my little girl that I have made over the last couple of years. They, the drawings, are part of a gradual project of capturing moments of her childhood.
I really look forward to taking kidlet there and seeing the works all hung up.
Other artists in the exhibition are:
Anna Taylor, Jessica Tremp, Katie Langmore, Lisa Sewards, Lily Mae Martin, Marzena Wasikowska, Michelle Ferreira, Olivia Pintos-Lopez, Paola Del Rio, Rachel Power, Sarina Lirosi and Susie Dureau.


After this, I am taking a very big and long break from illustration. To focus all my energy and time on my larger drawing works and to build up on my painting techniques.

Best to you all, let me know what you think if you make it to the exhibition!


How to defuse


We’ve done that thing where there’s too much to do, and not enough time to do it in. Which is an all too common issue with both us parents working freelance. Husband is in between here and Melbourne on one job, and still having to drive about on another job. I’m in the midst of two deadlines, Kidlet still isn’t in kinder yet.

I think we are doing a pretty great job given the circumstance, but I’m still thinking never ever again. It takes such a toll on our health and happiness. I’m at the point where I am not sleeping well at all, because I am so stressed. And I cry a lot.

Still, I somehow make time each day for kid and I to go for a walk and eat together. I am still cooking for us all, at different times of the days. (My gosh, I have to pre make some meals, this is killing me!)

But, yesterday after tests (for me) and after we ran a few errands, Husband had to go do a few more shots up in the country and took us along.


The place was magical. Kangaroos everywhere. There were so many rabbits, they scattered about like the fleas of the earth. I saw a kangaroo jump over a rabbit, that was so cool. Up on the hill eagles and hawks glided on the wind. There were bits of bleached bones between the rocks; a knuckle of spine, half a top jaw with teeth. I saw the emu, Elvis, but she didn’t come near us.

We weren’t there for long, just catching the last of the daylight. But it was enough to ground us and reconnect us and make us aware of the bigger picture.

I love love love love you nature. You kick ass.




Oh my gosh, it’s been too long since I have drawn a large drawing. Part of me feels very cross with myself for the neglect – but it’s mostly blotted out with the magical feeling of oohhhhhh, I’m drawing. Lines, lines, lines, lines, ohhhh, rendering.. ooohhhhh, tonal.

Mapping out the lines to make more drawing. Ohhhh.

So this month is, like, chockas; Husband working in Melbourne, Kidlet at home with me all the time, a couple of deadlines but it’ll all be ok because oooohhhh, drawing.

When grocery shopping turns into the EIKON and an ice cream, alone.

The other day I went to do the groceries but found myself at the Art Gallery of Ballarat looking at the EIKON exhibition.


Religion is not something that I am drawn to because of any faith, but the way the same story is told and reinvented really interests me. I liked the writing and the imagery sharing the same space, like comic art. And within the rendering of the cloth, the hair and the limbs it was really nice to see some fine hatching. They paint like they are drawing.

The above image, The Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, c. 1700 stuck out – it was very different from most of the other works within this exhibition. So much flesh and so many bodies belonging to the same period of time. As it looked as though most of the other works with multiple figures would be the same figure, but in a different space of the narrative.

I kept thinking about comic books.

Mother of God Crete c.1600

I really enjoyed the Mother of God room – the above image was my favourite due to the rendering and also the line work on the face and the neck are really striking.

Most of the works are flat, as in there is no fore, middle and back ground. Everything in them means something; the direction that they eyes are looking, the way the hands and fingers are placed. It was all really interesting – especially from a story telling perspective.

Then I had a turkish delight and double chocolate ice cream in the sun and then, I eventually got the groceries.