Painting and pelvic floor exercises


It’s the first day of school holidays and I was really excited about it because it means lazy mornings and pj days and spending time with kid in the studio. It means maybe we will go to a reserve and swoon over animals, it means special treats and probably some time out.

Today we went for a long walk and borrowed books and made an easter egg decoration for daddy. She shared toys with another kid and then we came home for sandwiches and painting.

We shared mummy’s easel:


And then I sat at my desk and did a little painting of a skull, and my pelvic floor exercises – because I am a multi-tasking genius.


Then I made dinner and spilt bread crumbs all over myself and into my slippers. I heard the post person go past and he had squeaky wheels.. He totally needs to oil those wheels.

I also found this, this is a detail, a portrait of the most glorious Angie Hart. I am going to finish it because I think it is so beautiful.

I also have the pieces for another large drawing to begin soon, painting is just a lovely holiday right now.

Photos of us by Gene!


There’s been a lot of painting happening in this house over the last week. I feel pretty rubbish in the headspace so I am just keeping my hands and my mind busy.
I yearn for a studio space. I mean, this one I have is wonderful – but I mean a proper space that is large and bright enough and more importantly, all mine. I’m thinking maybe I should apply for residencies or something!


This morning I decided to push myself and just paint for painting sake, like I do with drawing. I think my painting voice is beginning to emerge. I’m happier as a wet on wet painter, tweak contrast later. ( Rhyme! )
So I painted this ram skull that has recently been inherited from my father in law. I’m pretty happy with it, and went out and bought more boards to just practise, practise, practise on.


‘In Waterloo’ ( detail ) is almost completed. I was going to title is ‘Little Pioneer’ – but I’ll elaborate on why I changed it when I have finished the work and can write about it. It has a story.
I’ll be doing another one similar to this soon, and some more in a similar vein.

After I did a morning painting session I had a very big cry and then went out for a walk. Then kidlet came home and sat with me in my studio for an afternoon session. I had got her some miniature canvases and her own brushes to paint with. She painted these beautiful ‘volcano doors’:

How cool are they!

More soon


Tiny lines!



My husband is a pretty brilliant VFX guy and photographer.

(Truth be told, he is one of those people who is good at everything and anything!)

Anyway, he has been working on film and TV sets for the last six months and got some new fancy gear.. Which is great for me because one it is so good to see him doing things that interest him and make him happy, two he looks pretty delicious when he is in work mode and three – he can take some pretty cool photographs of my works in progress.

It’s pretty awesome to have documented so much of this piece in progress. It took me six weeks to draw. I can’t believe it is finished!


Emerging – new drawing


Lily Mae Martin
Ink on paper
112 x 76cm

For any sales and enquiries, please contact Scott Livesey Galleries


VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, 3143 T: +61 3 9824 7770

F: +61 3 9824 7771


Have a wonderful weekend


Domestic scenes and self portraits


The above is a blind continuous line drawing of cat and plants on the windowsill in my studio. I thought kids were hard to draw, but cats – woah. They don’t even stay still in their sleep!

I’ve been sort of working and trying to keep things as balanced as I can. Not sure if I am successful with it all but we’re getting by. There is a lot of things in motion, but I can’t share it all yet. I’ve also been having a little bit of social media fatigue of late. Just can’t be bothered really!

^Time Out^
I did this drawing of my daughter in time out the other day. Time out is such an amazing way of getting her to calm down and think of her actions. I highly, highly recommend it.


This is me trapped to the back end of the house while waiting for my daughter to actually go to sleep. Night time routine is probably the bane of my existence.

This is me after I think she has gone to sleep and I’ve been watching Jimeoin talking about Beyoncé doing her house hold chores. I love comedy, I am pretty sure it has saved me.


This is me the day before last looking pretty scary. I’m not scary, but I can look it. Or something.

Painting lesson


This weekend just passed I had a young woman come to visit who I used to teach art to back in Melbourne. It was really lovely to see her again and we did a self portrait lesson in oil paints as we didn’t really get around to painting in oils before I moved.

My daughter saw all of this and but continued happily playing with this young woman’s sister and when they left she said, “Mumma, can I have a painting lesson?” – which is pretty much the best thing.

So this afternoon I set up my easel for her and we gathered up our small, but growing, succulent collection. Instead of oils though, I cracked out my watercolours for her as I am also in the middle of making dinner and not sure if we should be playing about with solvent right now! She used to use my watercolours about two years ago before I managed to buy her kids paints. This is before I realised that I could probably make them myself, but back then I didn’t have the focus or energy to do it.



We talked about drawing and swirls and colours and listened to a panel talk about feminism. I showed her to dry off her brushes on a rag to not muddy her colours and she made purple. then we debated about what colour was what.. It was glorious.


There’s a saying “Those who can’t do, teach” which I think is pretty ugly. I mean, I really don’t think I am much of teacher – but it is such a joy to share and inspire and encourage young minds and hearts. I feel so lucky that kidlet is interested and keen in so many things.


She said the finished piece is for her friend at kinder…. I really want to keep it!!!!

I think it is also important to let kids have a go with the real paints and papers as well. I mean, not all the time as it costs a lot – but I think when you just give people the cheap stuff that really says something. Of course, the cheap stuff is great for play and learning and just making but the real stuff is quite affirming, I think.

Anyway, back to making dinner and bath and bed and then I will get to draw for a few hours before sleep.