So I have five large sheets of beautiful paper to draw on, even though our car broke down and we had to abandon it -with the paper in there – for a day..
One sheet has a drawing that is *so close* to half way and another in sketched up. I have found a store that sells pens near me, so I cleared them out of 0.05′s just the other day. Well, I left two there just incase someone else would be after them.

I’ve been grappling with some pretty heavy head stuff again, so I’ve been taking it easy and laying low.

Yesterday I received a copy of Overland and have nearly read it all..It’s an amazing issue, they all are. I did this:


Really proud to have done a cover for such an amazing Australian journal.

Now, I am going to bake some bread and do more drawing and rest.




By Lily Mae Martin
Oil on canvas

There she is, finished.
This painting took a long time to be realised as I was pretty scared I’d not do it right. It’s packed with so much meaning and of a time that was so important. I just had to do it, and I did and here she is.

This is in Waterloo, Victoria. It’s not a very well known place. Even the people who live around the area aren’t very aware of it. There’s some sheep farms, a state forest, a small cemetery and there used to be a school. There’s an old water pump and a CFA shed and the remains of a train track that went to Trawalla – a place I cannot pronounce the name of. There are mines and an old quarry – most of these are on people’s private properties.

It’s the place where my father in law lived and we would go to visit him. He had 20 acres with a shed full of amazing machines that actually did things. Metal work things. One of them is so large and heavy the concrete floor on which it stands is cracked and slowly sinking. There’s a house my husband’s parents built when he was a baby. It always smells good in there.

Last year my father in law got sick and we moved in there to be of support to him and his partner.
My daughter and I would go on walks thorough the forest and have picnics of strawberries and cheese sandwiches. I was on a mission – trying to find some inspiration and photographing and sketching all that I could. I was trying to keep us entertained. My daughter bought this white cloth and took to wearing it on her head. She’d run through the forest with it and the light was amazing. She was like some sort of bush fairy or something. And you know how kids will have these moments, where they stop and stare and it seems like they are realising or considering something so profound to them. The look on their faces makes them look so old, timeless.

Over this time we learned so much; family history, country living – not sure I got used to it, love, loss, grief. Pride and responsibility. I am probably making little sense – but it’s difficult to articulate and that’s why I make the pictures ;)

Life is so damn sad but beautiful too. I can’t imagine being half the person that I am or the artist that I am without this experience of raising a child. I also feel so honoured to be part of someones last moments on this earth.

Paper trip!

I am in desperate need for new paper – so we shuffled things about and came into Melbourne town so I could get paper:


The people at Melbourne Etching Supplies were so helpful, I’ve come away with a new packet of paper that I cannot wait to get home and begin work on. I’ve been doing a lot of drawing practice and sketching over this last week and have a few solid ideas that need to be realised and soon.. before I explode!


Little skull


I’ve been on a painting holiday over this last week, it has been fantastic. But I’m still doing the ground work to get back to drawing. See, after the last drawing I did I have decided that I must keep drawing at that size but there is no where near me that sells the paper that I need, so I need to go back to the big smoke to get it.

My painting is getting more confident and I am really, really enjoying this time getting back into it. I have a few that are so close to being finished! Sometimes I feel a little frustrated because I don’t have much to show for all the work I have been doing.. The one after the other they all finish around the same time.

Like bam, bam, bam!

Anyway I was going to get stuck into it again tonight, but I’ve got to get ready for the Paper Trip so I won’t be. But I finished the little skull one just before I cooked dinner.

Have a nice break everyone!



Warm autumn day with walks and talks and watermelon and coffee and a drive and a crazy kid who did not sleep very much and hair and red lips and reflections and pencils and new things forming waiting to be made and a severe lack of punctuation within this post.

Painting and pelvic floor exercises


It’s the first day of school holidays and I was really excited about it because it means lazy mornings and pj days and spending time with kid in the studio. It means maybe we will go to a reserve and swoon over animals, it means special treats and probably some time out.

Today we went for a long walk and borrowed books and made an easter egg decoration for daddy. She shared toys with another kid and then we came home for sandwiches and painting.

We shared mummy’s easel:


And then I sat at my desk and did a little painting of a skull, and my pelvic floor exercises – because I am a multi-tasking genius.


Then I made dinner and spilt bread crumbs all over myself and into my slippers. I heard the post person go past and he had squeaky wheels.. He totally needs to oil those wheels.

I also found this, this is a detail, a portrait of the most glorious Angie Hart. I am going to finish it because I think it is so beautiful.

I also have the pieces for another large drawing to begin soon, painting is just a lovely holiday right now.

Photos of us by Gene!