The work before the work to make the work


I was watching an interview of Margaret Olley with Jennifer Brockie on ABC Arts ( from 1998 ) and sketched the above picture. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and listening to podcasts. I don’t have too much to update here at the moment; just been doing life and banana bread baking and soup making and reading of the books. I’ve had a few sessions with models and I’ve ventured out to exhibitions and artist talks. Slowly getting things back into focus. I’ve been doing a little commission job. Found some great costumes for kidlet and I for halloween.

My mind keeps thinking that the end of the year is already here because I’d set up all these things to do and have done nearly all of them and now I’m like ok it’s done, but 2016 still has a few good months left in it. I’ve been acting a little as if I am on holiday and I’ve not been setting myself any tasks other than the day to day stuff that’s too boring, too personal, to write about here. I am trying to grow my hair – a ponytail for Christmas please. I am trying to eliminate sugar from our diets – sugar is in everything, this seems freaking impossible. I’m trying to get back to work and make the work and be interested and interesting.

Part of me worries that I don’t keep up enough, I don’t make enough, I don’t go to this enough.. Well, I know I don’t go to things nearly enough but that cannot be helped at this life stage. So, the other part of me doesn’t worry about it and thinks that this is fine.

Anyway, the most important thing is that I’ve done the work before the work to make the work. Like, I got the subjects, I got the paper and the ink and now I’ve got to put them altogether and make more beautiful drawings. I keep thinking I should pick up a paint brush or too, but time is limited and with the limits I have to prioritize and drawing is the priority. I still do collect things for paintings, they just tae a whole lot longer to brew, I suppose. It’ll happen. Just in real time, in my time – not internet time. Fast, fast, fast.

So a new week begins, the rain still falls and people still complain.



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