Big to small, actually it’s a little harder than that..


So I’ve been doing the work to make the work, or so I thought and then I started making work and realized there’s still work work to do.
Confused? That’s ok, as am I. Turns out half a banana and two coffees isn’t enough for breakfast so after school drop off I powered walked across town to pay someone to feed me. ( Avo on toast, timely )

I thought that scaling things down would be an interesting direction to go, and it sounds simple hey? But I’ve attempted a couple and it’s not cutting it for me. I think trying to squeeze all the detail into tiny pieces of paper isn’t working. It’s so frustrating trying to push myself out of my zone. But I think it needs to be done. Doesn’t matter if all the experiments fail and I just go back to doing what I was doing because all of it will inform something. I hope. I’m being positive – positive thinking is meant to bring out positive results, right?!?

There’s a whole bunch of links I want to share but I’m blogging from my phone so will do it later probably.

My gosh I feel so much pressure to get the experimental stuff out of the way and have some clear cut work for an exhibition but that is not how it works for me! Sorry.


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