Drawing our vintage camera collection



I’ve taken to drawing our cameras over the last fortnight – it’s good for my brain and nice to be doing something a little more freehand.

We have quite an large collection and I’m also making plans to draw and paint other objects I admire around our house. There’s the bulky type writer I recently bought – ugly but functional – the vintage kitchen cabinet I snatched up from Gumtree, then random pieces of crockery and tea cups. You get the idea. Lots of things.

I want to draw all the things.

4 thoughts on “Drawing our vintage camera collection

  1. Robbie on said:

    I would like to use some of these drawing on a “redbubble” a sticker website. Basically if you don’t know what it is there is a large amount of artists that make design or get design and create stickers, shirts, bags and more.
    what i will have to do with the sticker design is turn it into a psd file and remove the signature and make the lines more bold.
    Thank you
    (by the way i love these drawing personally i love drawing cVintage cameras and other stuff like this)

    Email me at: robbie.shawy@hotmail.com

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