I’m leaving tomorrow!

Gene and I board the plane with our one way tickets tomorrow! I’m not sure when I can blog again.

I am going to miss people but so excited about our new adventure!

Love to Meg, Beau, Karl, Akéan and Jonny.. And CASS, Timmy, Dowd and Bron and Lachie and family and all of you I love so so so much…And thank you for calling today Eric.

I hope you see you again someday.x

I’m going to go and spend sometime with Gene now – Flight of the Conchords series two awaits!

A lovely day


Almost a fortnight ago – I got married.

This beautiful photo was taken by Woodrow Wilson – who is a really nice man. I got distracted from the event briefly by talking about art with him!

His website is here: Woodrow Wilson Photography 

The day was overwhelming, I was so shy walking down the ‘aisle’. Thank you to all of our friends and family for celebrating with us. We spent the honeymoon in Apollo Bay – with temperatures in the mid 40s – my word!

I love you Gene.

The ‘bath’ painting

Oil on linen
100 x 80cm

This painting is the result of a year of studying and exploring self portraiture. I made lots of studies of this work with drawings, little paintings, water colours and then took this on. I’m pretty proud of it. It’s nicknamed as the “bath” painting.

Here are a few of the preparatory studies I did of this image before painting it:

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Hello and welcome!

This is my blog that I will be slowly customizing over the next month. I am going to include images of my works both new and old, exhibition details, traveling details and the like..