Saline Sulfate Etch

I have forever been meaning to get into printmaking and it’s just not something I have been able to do – until now!

I’m lucky to have been taught how to do Saline Sulfate Etching – I am very thankful to the people teaching and guiding me – it’s a much more safer way of etching without all the acids and such. The solution you can mix up at home and store in plastic containers, and it’s a pretty blue colour:


I did a lot of test plates, I am currently using aluminium. I am doing hard ground etching and here is the result of one last week that I am happy with, though I want to go back and etch some more into it. I think it could be a really great print with some more work and on nicer paper and alined a bit better 🙂


Today I did some more plates and prints and I still have a long way to go but am really enjoying this. So much fun.


You can learn more about Saline Sulfate Etch here: Linky dink