Beach house in winter


We’re at a beachside town and there’s no one here but the birds. It feels like we’ve had several days worth of Sunday’s. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve unplugged from Facebook and feel like my mind is so much clearer. I said to my other half ” I fear I’ll be on my death bed and be like goddamn I wasted so much of my time on Facebook”


I have to address this, it feels like social media taps into a part of my brain that can’t stop drinking alcohol, or can’t stop eating shitty food. It doesn’t feel healthy. I’m so stressed with how accessible I am all the time. How easy it is to look up people from the past and how normal that seems to be. How not liking posts or having seen a message, but not responding means things. It’s like I need to be diligent with everything, all the time.


I need to switch off more often, be present with the people that are in my life now. Value my time. I know Facebook has changed the way we interact with content online and effects out relationships IRL. I’ve experienced it all! But I can’t keep this up, I don’t want to keep this up. It’s doing my head in.


Drawing last night and my husband said ” do you find that relaxing?” Yes, yes I do 🙂


So got to tune out more, get some more balance back in my life. Social media has done some great things, but I do want some more of my pre social media life back. I want relationships to form more organically, I want to give things the actual time it needs rather then being swept up in likes and generating content.


All photos by Gene the magic one.

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