Women on Bed drawings – three so far




The last one I finished off with a twelve and a half hour drawing session. I haven’t been able to sleep as I have been so excited about it and wanted to write about these works but I am so tired from all the drawing and working and uploading and the things so another day. For now, just look.

So proud.

12 thoughts on “Women on Bed drawings – three so far

  1. Ainslie on said:

    These are magnificent… Do you reference from a photo? Do you use a grid or some such to do the initial outlines and get proportions correct? I am so in awe of these pieces…well done *applauds*

    • Thank you Ainslie – I do reference from photo, it’s quite a long process and I couldn’t do it without the hours I have put into life and still life drawing. I just pencil in an outline and then I fill in the detail by eye.

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