Hands in the dirt

My back is very sore but my heart is pretty happy. We’ve been working very hard on the garden and it looks so different from even just six months ago. Gene is so bloody good at wood working and has built some beautiful things. We have a whole lot of late blooming sunflowers which are very joyful.

I’ve also been potting and re potting the patio and indoor plants. It’s only been a couple of years now that I have really tried to garden and I think I have gotten a lot better at it.
There are many seedlings sprouting – they are just little colourful flowers as I know Kidlet will love them. I’ve also planted a bunch of Australian native plants but they will take a little longer to establish and grow.

And this guy ^ ^ – he’s good cpmpany while we are out there, digging away. He likes to know what is going on but also likes to lay down on my seedlings O_O

It’s a wonderful thing to garden with the Kid, she’s very caring about the natural world and how things grow and come to be. It’s truly special to be growing this garden together.