Still here, doing things!

G’Day blog – I am so sorry that you are neglected at the moment. It doesn’t mean I am not working. I just tend to not feel such a strong urge to scan and post every sketch and little thing I do anymore. I’m in that place between – the end of one project and the beginning of another. There’s really not that much for you to see during this time. Plenty for me to see, though.
It’s been a rollercoast – as it always is during the Inbetweens – but I feel like I am making progress. I’ve been researching and reading and had a few sessions with models and am going to visit a historian next week and even if my ideas all fall flat ( they won’t ) it’s still very interesting and good for the mind.
It has been a while since I have approached an art project like this, which got me thinking about how much social media has impacted on my practice – both good and bad. It is a wonderful thing but sometimes I think sheesh, calm down world, things take time. That’s the reason for five weeks between correspondence.
You can’t read while writing.

Also this year is ten years since I graduated from VCA.
T E N Y E A R S !
*mind, blown*
I never did get to do that year at the London Drawing School – by the time we were living in the UK I was pregnant and then the reality of having a baby and the thought of traveling and being away from her – well, it didn’t happen. But that’s OK, I got a baby and I still draw. Also the baby is almost eight and she is my drawing buddy so it’s pretty bloody fantastic really.
Though sometimes I miss the UK so hard it hurts. I think there are always going to be places that I miss.

So here I am, scratching away at the drawing board and gardening before it’s too cold to go outside.

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