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Well hello. Again, it has been a long time. I’ve been trying to sort out life and getting into the rhythm of my ever changing routines. I left one job and have started a new one, it’s really fantastic to be working and studying – I am doing different things and learning so much. Sometimes I feel very overwhelmed but don’t we all.

Art has been going well, a little different but I’ve had some very nice things occur for me this year. That is for another post as I wanted to make this one about – SKECTHING and saying hello.

It is very nice to be skecthing again. I thought I’d take on a big painting project this year but I couldn’t afford my studio space and my new home has no space for paint. See I like the toxic stuff so I am not doing it in the house. Why not use the non toxic stuff you say, because I think it’s shite and if there is one area of my life that I have control over – it is this. I lost the sketching knack for a bit there, had to endure months and months of producing rubbish. Now I feel good and am training my eye again. I hope the next body of drawings I do a way better than what has gone before. Which is important to me in my practice, which I know I have banged on about before.

SO lockdown five for us, I am still working as I am an essential worker these days. What a time hey. I am really trying to get as much experience as I can and do my best.

What I can manage now are the skecthes and they are helping rebuild my confidence. Yes I have lost a lot of that, wah wah but here’s to continuously  trying to claw myself out of the dark with pen and paper.







See you super soon and I hope you are eating plenty of veggies.



2 thoughts on “Sketchbooks sketchy sketch

  1. Alan Hollensen on said:

    I have been following you on Instagram for a little while now and just now, on impulse, decided to see if you had a website.
    I read your blog entries and wanted to let you know I’m impressed with your unfolding life plan – I wish you luck.
    Keep your art practice going though, it’s important for you, but it is for the rest of us too – that won’t be easy with your study.
    Best wishes and good luck.

    • Hi Alan
      Thank you for your comments and encouragement!
      I’m trying with art, but the state of the world has really knocked it out of me as it has with many others.
      But it’s hanging in there, just not the same at the moment.

      Lily Mae

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