Photos from the past


This photo is from World War two. I have no idea who took it or where, but the whole album creates a visual story of family before, during and after this war. I didn’t see this photo at first, as it is tiny. I was studying the portraits and trying to see who looked like who, then I noticed photos of people on boats and trains and a camp and then this one. I am not sure if these images are placed within a group of portraits for a particular purpose or not – but it is clear that they are of significance.
I am going to buy a new album to keep these pictures in and to keep them safe. I hope to one day maybe track down the family and give them back the photos of their family.

3 thoughts on “Photos from the past

  1. Looks like the African front to me, and with those helmets either British or Commonwealth troops. Could take a closer look at the equipment and vehicles and maybe get some more info for you 🙂

  2. And the vehicle is an American M3 half-track I think, comparing photos now. That was a pretty widespread vehicle for all Allied forces so doesn’t say much on its own. Could be either snow or desert but I’m still thinking Africa.

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