Paper cranes, kissing kitty & Meanjin illustrations

I finished Poppet’s room! Though, after a couple of nights she came out one morning and declared “I found a few more spots for you to hang more paper birds mummy” and I laughed and laughed…


Fabulous photos taken by Gene-he-who-is-good-at-everything.


This picture is an outtake of something I am exploring – this kitty is truly a gift to our little family.

But, she was unimpressed:



Also this month the new Meanjin is out ( Winter 2016 ) and I have four drawings in there, paire with words by Damon Young. Here is an example:


I am working on a mammoth drawing – a large drawing, not one of a mammoth though that would be cool also. At times I have to step away from it because it is so complex and it is doing my head in. But I am truly happy with the start that I have made and I hope to get it finished in a couple of months. A lot of work for one piece but I’m trying new things and pushing myself, which is important and must be done. I can hear Grandma saying to me “Why don’t you spend more time on your work?” Because I used to rush through things all the time.

There are other drawings and paintings forming, I haven’t digitized them, I just want to let them take form in their own good time.

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