Nice things and Sammy

Yesterday I pushed myself to open up and be true and today I feel so much better for it. How precarious are feelings?

I like to take a lot of photographs so I thought I’d post a few favs from recent months.

Drawing at the kitchen table, banana bread and Kidlet’s toilet roll craft.

Kidlet’s jellyfish – this just makes me so joyful.

Little fingertip love heart things made from part of an egg carton for daddy.

Let me tell you about Sammy. A couple of months ago, morning before school, we heard a yowling from out the front. Thinking it was our Kitty in distress we ran to the front door to find this guy curled up around one of the pot plants. I checked him for a collar, there was none. I tried to encouarge him to leave and find his way home, but he was lost. So I took him to the local vet. He had no micro chip and he was then taken to the animal shelter as a stray. I put out some photos on social media and a few people went to see if it was their cat, but no one claimed him.
He was a friendly guy, just under one years old. So we took him in and our other cat hates us. Perhaps they will bond through winter time? We will see.

I’ve been learning to drive. It has been a long time coming. I look forward to being able to explore so much more once I am granted a license.

These are bricks we bought from a fella who has sourced them from all over Victoria. We are using them to secure garden beds as well as to build a pathway. There’s some very old ones in there. It’s pretty amazing to be making new things from old things.

I went out bush with a pal for her science things. I’m not sure I was much help but it was very interesting and beautiful and exhausting.

I can’t remember why this photo was taken, it was some months back. I do make good work, I just need to keep on at it and just not worry so much about Art World.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for believeing.

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